Build a Career in Data Science

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Build a Career in Data Science by Mind Map: Build a Career in Data Science

1. Introduction

2. Part 1: Deciding if DS is for you

2.1. Preliminaries

2.2. What is there

2.2.1. Three types of DS jobs

2.2.2. Types of DS companies

2.3. Acquiring skills

2.3.1. What to learn

2.3.2. Ways to get DS skills

2.4. Showcasing skills

2.4.1. Building your portfolio

3. Data Scientist Interviews

4. Part 2: Getting a DS job

4.1. Identifying the right job

4.2. Job application: resumes and cover letters

4.3. The interview

4.4. The offer

5. Part 3: Working as a junior DS

5.1. First few months

5.2. Making an effective analysis

5.3. Deploying a model into production

5.4. Working with stakeholders

6. Part 4: Growing in your career

6.1. When your project fails

6.2. Joining the DS community

6.3. Moving up the ladder

6.4. Leaving your job gracefully