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The Site by Mind Map: The Site

1. Website

1.1. Content

1.1.1. Topic research research backing up the question being asked the question what is the question to be asked sponsors users that say they want this question answered target who is the question targetted to?

1.1.2. users registration email name topics topic creation topic voting research

2. Infra

2.1. Server

2.1.1. Ubuntu Wordpress Install and configure WordPress | Ubuntu eMail

2.2. Database

2.2.1. PostGreSQL PostgreSQL: Linux downloads (Ubuntu) Database Model users topics research vote

2.3. Website

2.3.1. Wordpress

3. Topics

3.1. Covid-19

3.2. Vaccine

3.2.1. what does "authorized by interim order" mean"? one of the "status" options is "Authorized by Interim Order" only Covid 19 vaccines appear there

3.3. People

3.3.1. Lecher

3.3.2. Doug Ford

3.4. News Agencies

3.4.1. CBC

4. Geography

4.1. Hospitals

4.2. Municipal

4.2.1. School Board

4.3. Provincial

4.3.1. Premier

4.3.2. Minister of Health

4.4. Federal

5. TO DO:

5.1. Due March 17

5.1.1. Website Layout