Brainstormed by Wilson Y, Philip S, Nikhil S, Ben H.

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Brainstorm by Mind Map: Brainstorm

1. Programming

1.1. Making a program

1.2. Making a diary about what we learnt each time

1.3. Showing off program for final outcome

1.4. Make something that is simultaneously awesome and viable.

2. Make a quadrotor

2.1. This one is expensive, but awesome.

2.2. Document the creation process with a vlog and pictures.

2.3. Seriously, flying robots? What more could you want?

2.4. If we decide to do it, then this link may be useful.

2.5. Add nukes

3. Making an animation from scratch

3.1. Preferably with Adobe Flash, which I have

3.2. Don't use Scratch < Most important thing

3.3. We could have people assigned to sounds, animation, etc. Like a real team.

4. Blindness challenge

4.1. Be blindfolded for the weekend

4.2. Write down experience

4.3. Research what blind people have to put up with

4.4. How people help blind people.

4.5. Extremely generic

5. Creating a side scroll game from scratch

5.1. Tasks to assign

5.1.1. Spriting Wilson Yang

5.1.2. Coding Ben

5.1.3. Idea developing Phillip + Wilson

5.2. Learn to program and sprite. List all known information and sprite drafts.