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Apple Laptop by Mind Map: Apple Laptop

1. Support

1.1. 800-676-2775

2. How to Fix

2.1. Symptoms

2.1.1. Hard Drive not showing up

2.1.2. Why isn't the harddrive showing up What are the possible options Connector Cable Hard Drive Died Examples it's the hard drive cable at fault here? Has anyone had this problem, and if so, how did you fix it?

2.1.3. What's the fastest way to fix this? Can we install Lion on it? How do you partition the drive?

2.1.4. How did it happen? Computer Froze Restarted

2.2. Solutions

2.2.1. Replace HardDrive Here's How

2.2.2. Retrieve Data If your computer has crashed, or is otherwise inoperable, but you still have any sort of files on there, I can retrieve them for you. No questions asked. You can bring an external hard drive with you to store all of the files, or I can burn them into DVD data discs for a small fee for each one. We can meet in the place of your choosing, as my operation is mobile. Please call or text if you are interested. Nate - 356.2755

3. Switched Problem

3.1. If the drive hasn't been re-formatted and had OS X (from the Install Discs that came with the NEW machine) installed that is exactly what your problem is! The version of OS X that was on the MBP Unibody is specific to that hardware installation and will not work in any other hardware configuration.

4. Game Plan

4.1. Test Hard Drive

4.1.1. Fails Search Craigslist for a new HardDrive

4.1.2. Passes Need to purchase the connector for the hard drive