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Superheroes! by Mind Map: Superheroes!

1. Give them some sort of power, like the ability to "roadblock" another team.(this is connected to spiderman)

1.1. Don't "roadblock anyone

1.1.1. If they choose this, here's what would happen

1.2. "roadblock" someone

1.2.1. If they choose this, here's what would happen

1.3. Brainstorming possible abilities: Can turn off the lights in any classroom without penalty, can sit on the floor in any class, can park in any spot in the morning, can cut any line,

1.3.1. Regardless, it needs to something that can change the way they go about their day (spiderman), be used against them (ironman), used for personal gain (wolverine), can harm others if line is crossed/abused (batman), can blend back in (incredibles)

2. Batman

2.1. if both teams get to this clue at the same time, they are told that only one team can move on and that they have to decide among themselves. if one team decides by themselves that they can move on, then they are thrown off track. if one team allows the other to move on, the former can skip a clue and the latter can move on normally. if neither can decide, they can both move on.

2.2. two teams. one must pick status as "evil" and one as "good". Clues for both the "evil" team and "good" team are marked "FAIL" because life isn't pure good or evil. If both teams, "evil" and "good" together ask for the clue, then they pass the challenge smoothly.

3. Spiderman

4. Wolverine

5. Ironman

6. The Incredibles

6.1. decide to give up powers for compassion, but then get them back

6.1.1. master of two worlds

6.1.2. The trial should have something to do with cherishing their newly acquired/acknowledged powers but being able to accept their role in society. The end of the movie is about knowing when to use your special abilities, and when to conceal them.