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Aorta (1) by Mind Map: Aorta (1)

1. Aortic arch

1.1. Brachiochepalic artery

1.1.1. Right common carotid artery

1.1.2. Right Subclavian artery Right Vertebral artery Bassilar artery Thyro-cervical artey Internal Thoracic artery Axillary artery Subscapural artery Posterior Circumflex Humoral artery Anterior Circumflex Humoral artery BRACHIAL ARTERY

1.2. Left common carotid artery

1.2.1. External Carotid artery Superior Thyroid artery Lingual artery Maxillary artery Facial artery Superficial Temporal artery

1.2.2. Internal Carotid artery Middle cerebral artery Anterior communicating artery Posterior communicating artery Opthalmic artery Anterior Cerebral artery

1.3. Left Subclavian artery

1.3.1. Same as right sub clavian

2. Abdominal aorta

2.1. Inferior phrenic artery

2.2. Right and left Adrenal artery

2.3. Right and left Renal artery

2.4. Left Common illiac artery

2.4.1. Left External illiac artery Femoral artery Deep femoral artery Genicular artery Poleteal artery

2.4.2. Left internal illiac artery Superior gluteal artery Gluteus maximus Gluteus minimus Gluteus medius Interior gluteal artery Gluteus maximus Piriformis Quadratus femoris Internal pudendal artery External genitilia Perinium Obturator artey Medial compartment of thigh

2.5. Gonadal artery

2.5.1. Testis Ovary

2.6. Lumbar artery

2.7. RIGHT Common iliac artery

2.7.1. Right External iliac artery

2.7.2. Left External iliac artery

2.8. Inferior Mesenteric artery

2.8.1. Left colic artery Descending colon

2.8.2. Sigmoidal artery Sigmoid Colon

2.8.3. Superior Rectal artery Mid Rectal artery Inferior Rectal artery Rectum


2.9.1. Left Gastric artery

2.9.2. Splenic artey Left Gastro-epiloic artery To stomach and greater omentum

2.9.3. Common hepatic artery Hepatic artery proper Right hepatic artery Left hepatic artery Right gastric artery Gastroduodenal artery To pylorus and duodenum Right Gastro-epiloic artery Superior pancreatic duodenal artery

2.10. Superior Mesenteric artery

2.10.1. To most of intestines

2.10.2. Intestinal arteries Jejunum ilium

2.10.3. ilio-colic artery

2.10.4. Right colic artery To Ascending colon

2.10.5. Middle Colic artery Transverse colon

3. Thoracic aorta

3.1. Posterior intercostal artery

3.2. Superior phrenic artery

3.3. Bronchial artery

3.4. Esophageal artery

3.5. Mediastinal artery

3.6. Pericardial artery

4. Ascending aorta

4.1. Myocardium gets blood when the heart is in diastole

4.2. Right coronary artery

4.2.1. Marginal artery Myocardium (right side)

4.2.2. Posterior Interventricular artery Myocardium (posterior aspect)

4.3. Left Coronary artery

4.3.1. Anterior Interventricular artery Easily and commonly accluded by plaques and leads to M.I Myocardial (interventricular septum, R.V and L.V)

4.3.2. Circumfrex artery Myocardium (Left atrial muscle and L.V)