What’s your world like?

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What’s your world like? by Mind Map: What’s your world like?

1. more work than people

1.1. more distractions

1.1.1. meetings

1.1.2. messages

1.1.3. social media

1.2. from email

1.2.1. eye strain

1.2.2. more efforts needed, different comm channel

1.3. blurring of lines between work and life

1.4. driven by senior mgt

1.4.1. note that change takes time, need to manage this and day to day jobs

2. more people centric

2.1. stakeholders' engagement

2.1.1. more energy needed on this

2.2. type something here

2.3. people are more active on social media

2.3.1. instant sharing

2.3.2. pressure to take faster actions in particular way

2.4. wellness

2.4.1. mine and my team too much talked about should we just adapt?

3. New Role

3.1. type

3.2. We are the organisation

3.2.1. People leaving is our responsibility

4. Alignment of expectations

4.1. leadership chain

4.1.1. can lead to redundant work

4.2. politicians - new initiatives but people are overworked (not getting more people)

5. Relationships

5.1. family

5.1.1. SMM - affect the relationships

5.2. new hires - difficult to form close bonds

5.2.1. more challenging to oonnect, give feedback that click

5.2.2. need to find their strengths

5.2.3. big challenge

5.3. distant and impersonal

6. retaining people

6.1. young people don't want to stay long, lack experience

6.2. expect this and prepare for this

6.3. younger people have aspirations - how to meet these aspirations

6.4. competition for talents

6.4.1. tapping on same pool

6.5. WFH - difficult to keep them engaged and motivated

7. Change

7.1. SMM

7.2. How we do our work

7.3. rate of change

7.4. Technology

7.4.1. more connected, need to evaluate

7.4.2. deeper and complex - more threats

7.5. Subject matters have changed, need to be more adaptable

8. Increasing demands

8.1. expectations

8.1.1. focus on transformation, little room for mistakes

8.2. Balance demands from different parties within 24 hours