Framework for success in life.

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успеx by Mind Map: успеx

1. To succeed, your mind and your emotions must work together

1.1. We are stronger emotionally than mentally. If the emotions take over you get pushed back.

1.2. Negative not allowed gaining emotional strength.

1.3. I will not allow the negative to take over my presence.

1.4. Their mind controls their emotions and every day imagination is clear on the journey.

2. Emotionally react to unfavorable circumstances.

3. When you tell yourself this is not good,but continue anyway.

4. Commited to improving your life

4.1. Staying on course when things become challenging.

5. Commitment to being above average.

5.1. Stop acting like average people.

6. Imagination

6.1. Fueled by passion.

6.1.1. Passion creates the stamina necessary.

7. Decisions that financially move you forward.

8. Что является наиболее конструктивное использование моего времени прямо сейчас?

9. You have to be able to control stress.

10. There is no "I can't", only "I choose not to"

11. Always finish what you start.

11.1. Not willing to quit until the lesson is learned.

12. Even when it becomes challenging.

13. Constantly push yourself outside of your comfort zone for continual growth.

14. Growth happens outside of your comfort zone.

15. It's not about gathering knowledge - It's about implementing insights.

16. Environment is constantly being fed positive behavior. Monitor who I am, where I am and what I am doing.

17. Exited about life!

18. Stay indifferent and unreactive.

19. Emotional Traps

19.1. Allow others to program your life.

19.2. Procrastination.

19.3. Making dumb decision.

19.4. Inconsistent behaviors.

19.5. Self-destructive behavior.

19.6. Increase in negative activity.

20. Being Above Average (Successful Millionaire)

20.1. Internal Strength

20.1.1. Consistent Persistency You have to have the internal strength to practice persistent consistency every day.

20.1.2. Persistent Consistency Commit yourself to being above average.

20.1.3. Practice Everything you practice becomes the substance of who you are. Unsuccessful people lack the internal strength to practice.

20.2. Take Action!

20.2.1. Less talking.

20.2.2. Less planning.

20.2.3. Flexibility.

20.3. Do the things that failures don't like doing.

21. Thinking Correctly

21.1. Think Success!

21.2. Think Abundance!

21.3. No negative thoughts at all! - Always stay positive!

21.4. Every morning, make a choice to advance & strengthen your clarity.

21.5. Master Key!

21.5.1. Increase the mental strength

21.5.2. Free e-book.

21.6. Success is a mind-set, defined by behaviors.

21.6.1. Behavior never lies.

21.7. Money is a reward!

21.7.1. Reward for being mentally prepared.

21.7.2. Reward for being emotionally together.

21.7.3. Reward for being spiritually in tune.

22. Speed Of Implementation

23. зона комфорта

24. Inner Game - Essential Characteristics

24.1. Clear

24.2. Disciplined

24.2.1. Do what you should do, when you should do it.

24.2.2. Always work to the fullest extent.

24.2.3. Disciplined in working to achieve their dream.

24.2.4. The common connector in achieving the millionaire mind-set is discipline. I must understand the priorities in my life, and be able to keep the priorities in my life in sync with my behavior. Life must have a clearly defined direction.

24.3. Persistent Consistency

24.3.1. Asking the right questions

24.3.2. Never procrasinate!

24.4. Focused

24.4.1. Manage the pace.

24.4.2. Internal calmness over choices.

24.4.3. Always positive - Tell your negative self to shut up!

24.4.4. Engage only in the right behaviors.

24.4.5. Navigates through the emotional mind fields with focus.

24.5. Defined

24.6. Strong Beliefs

24.6.1. Don't change with the masses.

24.6.2. When you go against what you have defined is right, you redefine who you are to yourself and others.

24.6.3. Internal foundation of self-worth is solid.

24.6.4. Trust themselves.

24.6.5. No need for approval of other people.

24.6.6. Nothing more important than strengthening their presence.

24.6.7. Disciplined and defined in what they believe is right and wrong.

24.7. Readiness

24.7.1. Always ready for the right opportunity.

24.7.2. It's not about timing, it's about preparation.

24.7.3. Always do your research before starting.

24.8. Unconventional thinking.

24.8.1. Thinking outside of the box

24.8.2. Trust yourself and be the original you were created to be.

24.8.3. Narrows their spear of influence group. The more you want to do with your life the fewer people you can have in your life.

24.8.4. Disciplined in seeking their uniqueness.

24.9. Seeking Challenges

24.9.1. Always look for the next adventure, or you will miss it.

24.9.2. If you face yesterday you have no tomorrow.

24.10. Resilience

24.10.1. The longer you stay down the lesser there is of you to stand up. New node

24.11. Destiny

24.11.1. Creates a clear picture of life.

24.11.2. Inward they’re calm with where they are and where they are headed.

24.11.3. Desire is stronger than their fear. When your desire can control your fear you know you are in the right place.

24.12. Patient

25. Avoid Traps

25.1. Behavioral Traps

25.1.1. Dis-organized.

25.1.2. Lacking results.

25.1.3. Attempting too much

25.1.4. Un-manageable pace

25.1.5. Spending more time in the world of blame, than in the world of discovery.

25.1.6. Unhealthy self-talk. Talking youself out of doing things.

25.2. Fear

25.2.1. Fear of loss “If I do what I know I need to do, it may cost me more than I am willing to pay.”

25.2.2. Fear of rejection “If I do what I know I should do someone might not like me.”

25.2.3. Fear of success “If I do what I know I need to do, it may give me things I don’t think I deserve.”

25.2.4. Fear of the unknown. “If I do what I know I need to do it might take me places I’m not comfortable in going.”

25.2.5. Fear of abandonment. “If I do what I know I need to do, it might cost me people out of my life that I don’t want to lose.”

25.2.6. Fear of failure “If I do what I know I need to do, it might expose the fact I don’t think I can do it.”


26.1. Всегда предпринимайте правильное действие в течение любого данного времени.

26.2. жизнь в решениях

26.2.1. Every choice creates a journey.

26.2.2. The life’s three greatest challenges are focus, balance and discipline.

26.3. Always keep pushing!

26.3.1. Even when you are uncertain.

26.4. Paying the price

26.4.1. Success in disciplined arts.

27. Nuevo nodo

28. Новый узел

29. New node