How to Build Self Confidence

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How to Build Self Confidence by Mind Map: How to Build Self Confidence

1. Build Routines and Useful Habits

1.1. Inspiration, motivation and willpower can give only a start

1.2. To Sustain you need the pillars of routines and useful habits; keep the inertia going.

2. Make Excellence your default state

2.1. Anything worth doing is worth doing well

2.2. Play as you work; Work as you Play

2.3. Work In Small manageable bites

2.3.1. Enjoy the State of flow

3. Evaluate your Progress against your own goals.

3.1. Everyone has unique strenghts; Fish Cannot Fly; It will suffer from complex

3.2. Compare progress made towards your own goal

3.3. Compete with your Own Self

4. Make promises cautiously; Keep your word

4.1. Being reliable is a habit; you will know you can back your commitments

5. Change takes time;

5.1. Brain does not like sudden jerks; It re-wires over time.

5.2. Regularity and Consistency is the key

5.3. First----Walk, Then---Jog and Then Run; Have a step up plan

6. Failures = Learning

6.1. Failure are the stepping stone to Success

6.2. You learn more from mistakes

6.3. Putting new learning to action is the key

7. Knowledge brings the right understanding, confidence and broadens your Horizons

7.1. Read great books

7.2. Watch and listen to inspirational content

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9. Keep Positive Company

9.1. You Become the Average of 5 Persons you spend most time with