5 Ways to Take Control of Your Career

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5 Ways to Take Control of Your Career by Mind Map: 5 Ways to Take Control of Your Career

1. Embrace the Struggle

1.1. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, determine whether there’s a more productive and efficient way to tackle your workload.

1.1.1. There may not be. It’s really a matter of how you see things.

1.2. Embrace your situation and make it competitive in a fun way.

1.3. Embracing the struggle is sometimes the surest sign that you’re maturing and growing

1.4. But also have the self-awareness and stamina to strive for something better.

2. Reach Out

2.1. Start leveraging your voice in a unique way by using all of the social media platforms to your advantage.

2.2. Be proactive and take initiative — start first by sharing valuable content on Linked in, Instagram, and even TikTok.

2.3. Don't pile all the worry in the world on your shoulders and forget to have a helpful mindset.

2.4. Others will come to help you if you seek to help them.

2.5. Add value. Share resources. Network with friends and suggest helpful meetups or groups to support one another.

3. Assess Your Value

3.1. Assess your value by leveraging tools like Glassdoor and web research

3.2. Explore both entrepreneurial, consulting, or traditional path positions.

3.3. The right fit is out there. It just might not be via the conventional ways of thinking that existed 10 years ago

3.4. Be creative and start by imagining and planning for what you truly want.

4. Strengthen Your Core

4.1. Leverage your skillset and use tools like Gallup’s Strength Finder to determine what you’re really good at.

4.2. Take a professional development course, learn a new software skill, get a certification or hands-on experience around a skill that inspires you.

4.3. Then, begin researching how you can utilize that skill for higher monetary value.

5. Take the Pressure Off Yourself and Have Fun!

5.1. Don’t forget to take a deep breath.

5.2. Be patient. Keep working. Play the long game. Let time play its part while grinding and staying positive in your pursuit.