Status Planning 4_24_2012

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Status Planning 4_24_2012 by Mind Map: Status Planning 4_24_2012

1. Operations

1.1. Test Site change weekly

1.2. Monitor Adwords

1.3. Applications

2. Other items I want

2.1. Jeff

2.1.1. Learn Adwords Read book about adwords

2.1.2. Plan to Increase Affiliate Program Effectiveness Create affiliate videos Finish mockup up the final pages

2.1.3. Project Continuum Get plan in place and start working on this

2.1.4. Sports Management Get plan in place Get wiki setup Get server purchased Get development environment setup Get way to stay in touch with everyone

2.2. Cel

2.2.1. Content management

2.2.2. Project Continuum Start learning about SCII

2.2.3. Replace Justin Create initiative

2.3. Jordan

2.3.1. Project Continuum Start framework for this

2.3.2. Small project for cel to help him export videos

2.3.3. leftover from last week Relevant videos

2.3.4. Let's tset putting "dueling and arena" on our front page

3. Items we need to do

3.1. Project Continuum

3.1.1. Market research We have to do market research to see if starcraft is even a viable market Maybe put up a coming soon page See how many emails we get Start marketing it Tell everyone that if they leave their email they will get some special deal. Like lifetime membership for $20 dollars or 50% off initial price This is an awesome idea, Landing page should be awesome Have adwords or ads with husky etc point to question system Person to Person interviews What we all need to do Need a framework and operations for things like the following

3.1.2. Get top players on board Let's start talking with top players and tell them we have a 6-9 month time frame based on how our market research goes Will take a while to get intouch with these top players Also have them create videos and we can test them on our coming soon page

3.1.3. Other ideas hosting tournaments Ads Getting in with team liquid

4. Other things

4.1. We focus on Arena and Dueling, period.

4.2. Let's tset putting "dueling and arena" on our front page

5. Testing this week

5.1. youtube video for player

5.2. vimeo player

6. Todo

6.1. update the site tests operations