Knowledge Map

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Knowledge Map by Mind Map: Knowledge Map

1. Personal Experience

1.1. Books

1.1.1. FInance Personal Finance Investing Cryptocurrency Stock Market

1.1.2. Small Business Startup

1.2. Courses

1.2.1. Marketing Email Facebook Instagram

1.2.2. Business Start-Up Organizational Structure

1.3. Life Experience

1.4. Entrepreneurship

1.4.1. Party Promotion

1.4.2. Social Media Marketing

1.4.3. Event Organizing

1.4.4. Venue Management

1.4.5. Artist Booking & Marketing

2. Military

2.1. Intelligence Analyst

2.1.1. Research Process and Methods

2.1.2. Intelligence Collection Collection Methods (INTs) Strategy & Planning Determine Validity and Reliability

2.1.3. Intel Community Government Oversight Capabilities and Limitations Liaison Teamwork Coordination

2.1.4. Explain Findings Summary Reports Briefing Presentations Speaking Report Writing

2.1.5. Critical Thinking

2.1.6. Predictive Analysis

2.1.7. Identify Threats and Threat Actors

2.1.8. Criminal Intelligence Operational Environment Corruption

2.1.9. Certification Intelligence Analysis Course Define the Operational Environment Targeting Methods Software Tools and Applications DCGS-A CPOF ArcGIS Security+ Baseline Security Concepts Security Administrator Army Basic Instructor Course Prepare and Deliver Instruction Deploy Effective Communication Skills

3. Civilian