IEA Diploma Project Components

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IEA Diploma Project Components by Mind Map: IEA Diploma Project Components

1. 2. Facilities

1.1. Software

1.1.1. Adobe Fireworks Photoshop

1.1.2. Diigo

1.1.3. Google Forms

1.2. Hardware

1.2.1. Computer

1.2.2. Scanner

1.2.3. Camera This is because I have photos of Ho Chi Minh City from previous visits

2. 4. Design

2.1. Survey

2.2. Hand Drawn Designs

2.2.1. To be scanned

2.2.2. Approved on paper by client before trasnfer to computer

2.2.3. Initially for desktop, then after site is completed, mobile options are reviewed

2.3. Final Design On Computer

2.3.1. Final design needs to be reviewed by client

3. 5. Implementation

3.1. General Topics

3.1.1. Travel Options

3.1.2. Hotels

3.1.3. Sightseeing Monuments Natural Locations Tourist Attractions

3.1.4. History Culture Food Clothing Music Dance Vietnam War Cu Chi Tunnels War Memorial Ho Chi Minh

3.2. Domain: Subdomain of

3.3. Research to find pictures to match topics

3.3.1. Only topics with suitable pictures will have an article

3.4. Client will review all pictures and articles

4. 3. Analysis

4.1. Existing websites (competitors)

4.1.1. Similarities

4.1.2. Differences

4.1.3. Ideas/Things to reuse

4.1.4. Things to avoid

4.1.5. Methods used to create product

5. 1. Specification

5.1. Client: Raymond and Winnie Lowe

5.2. End users are mainly tourists who wish to visit Vietnam

5.3. Objective: To create a website

5.3.1. The website is about Ho Chi Minh City

5.3.2. The aim of the website is to make money via Google Adsense

6. 6. Testing

6.1. What client thinks of website

6.1.1. Change anything if neccessary

6.2. Website should work on most major platforms

6.2.1. Desktop

6.2.2. Mobile

6.3. Major platforms include:

6.3.1. Safari Mobile Safari

6.3.2. Mozilla Firefox Mobile Firefox

6.3.3. Google Chrome

6.3.4. Opera Opera Mini

6.3.5. Internet Explorer

6.3.6. Rockmelt

6.3.7. Android's Stock Browser

6.4. Testing can happen via friends computers and phones

7. Evaluation

7.1. Personal Evaluation

7.1.1. 1 A4 Side

7.1.2. Strengths

7.1.3. Weaknesses

7.1.4. Improvements What they are How long they will take How they will effect the final product