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Politics \ Philosophy \ Theorie by Mind Map: Politics \ Philosophy \ Theorie

1. Sexual liberation

1.1. esqualation of perversion theory

1.2. links

2. Phylosophy

2.1. Ethics (Moral values)

2.1.1. Responsability Responsibility/achievement is meaning of life

2.1.2. Equality Quotes Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn A society built on equality or forced onto it will collapse

2.2. Epistemology (theory of knowledge)

2.3. Metphysics (Nature of existing)

2.4. Antrophology (social relationships)

2.5. Logic

2.6. Political science

2.7. Aesthetic

2.7.1. Symbolysm Secrets In Plain Sight - Volume 1 - Complete

3. Liberalism

3.1. links

3.1.1. Millennial generation less religious, more liberal than older ones

4. Communism

4.1. Stalin

4.2. Marxism

4.3. Leninism

4.4. Revolution strategy

4.4.1. Communist Infiltration - 1966

4.4.2. Divide the people in 2 sides The opposition (Fascists, Nazis...anrything with bad reputation) The good guys (fighters for "equality")

4.4.3. Create the appearance of popular support

4.4.4. Neutralize the opposition

4.4.5. Precipitate mob violence Violence is justified by the sole purpose of moral superiority (Social justice)

4.4.6. Create the semblance of revolution


4.5.1. "Members and front organizations must continually embarrass, discredit and degrade our critics. When obstructionist's become too irritating, label them as Fascist, Nazi or anti-Semitic. Constantly associate those who oppose us with those names which already have a bad smell. The association will, after enough repetition become "fact" in the public mind. Communist party directive.

5. Theorie

5.1. (subversion)-destruction of a whole country or community (psychological warfair) victim countries/continents: Europe, US, Australia, Brazil, Canada

5.1.1. links https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bX3EZCVj2XA&t=288s

5.1.2. Yuri Bezmenov: Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society (Complete)

5.1.3. phases 1-demoralization (the action of subversion is 90% made in this phase, the other phases can be made automaticly by the receptor country/community) This phase can be reversed with restriction of propaganda(obviously) limited soviet literature, journalists, professors. Prevention of foreigner ideology(multiculturalism). propaganda 2-destabilization This phase can be reversed with restrictions of the liberties of some groups like libertarians and advocates of sexual liberties to be in seats of power. economy law and order + military Media Social life 3-crisis (current situation) This phase can be reversed with strong conservativism and patriotism even if its crooked, just don't let phase 4 be achieved. riots people refusing production (jobs), strikes core values of the own nation are deemed wrong society itself collapses religious groups looking for a messiah(saviour) populace is desperate for order and a strong leader 4-normalization This phase can only be reversed with military force. stabilization is forced onto populace

5.1.4. how to destroy a nation/community Religion destroy it ridicule it replace it with destructive ideals (protestant christianity) Education distract from learning maths and science and focus on arts, sexuality, moral classes liberal educators Social Life take away responsibility, no one is responsible, evryone lives for the sake of pleasure, satisfaction and happiness focus on beurocracy, work for money and spend it in unecessary things group thinking and generalization Power Structure media, journals have opinions no qualifications needed, just have the major public opinion Labour Relations destruction of barganing between employer and employee strikes are not meant to improve quality of life but for ideology Law and Order undermine law and order law and order is "opressive" criminals are not criminals they are just defendants in movies/literature ridicule it (police, military officers allways look dumb or psychotic in movies) in movies the criminal/villain looks nice and cool (he is unproductive because society opresses him) examples: Thanos (avengers), Darth Vader(Star wars)

5.1.5. causes revolt against the own country extreme liberal thinking sexual liberation communist/marxist/leninist thinking education focused on sexuality/arts instead of maths and science victim menatality belief in equality cultural decay religion is rediculed atheism perversion (oversexualization) relationship are centered on sex and pleasure instead of family values and unity. Hookup culture "Marriage is dumb"

5.1.6. solutions education of a generations (15 to 20 years) on patriotic values and tradition Religion Religion is the best way of preventing the subvursion of the country. closed borders, assimilation prevention of foreign ideals (multiculturalism)

5.1.7. How it happened Subversion was applied into the US in the early 1960s by the soviets, since the US is the biggest economy and controls all the entertainment industry it soon spread into europe, australia, canada and by now 2020 its spreading into japan.

5.2. China

5.2.1. China's social credit system The system intends to monitor, rate and regulate the financial, social, moral and, possibly, political behavior of china's citizen's - and also the country's companies via a system of punishment and rewards Example: https://i.4cdn.org/his/1596795731058.jpg How to get higher in the "moral" chinese hierarchy Engaging in charity work Taking care of eldery family members Positively influencing one's neighbourhood Donating blood Praising the government on social media Helping the poor Having good financial credit history Comitting a heroic act How you get lower Traffic ofenses, such as drunk driving or jaywalking "Illegaly" protesting against authorities Not visiting parents regularly Posting anti-government messages on social media Spreading rumors on the internet Insincere apologies for crimes commited Participating in anything deemed to be a cult Cheating in online games High score consequences Priority for school admission and employment Easier access to cash loans and consumer credit. Deposit-free bicycle and car hire Free gym facilities Cheaper public transport Shorter wait time in transport Shorter wait times in hospitals Fast-track promotion at work Jumping the queue for public housing Tax breaks Low score consequences Denial of licenses, permits and access to some social services Exclusion from booking flights or high-speed train tickets Less access to credit card Restricted access to public services Ineligibility for goverment jobs No access to private schools Public shaming: exposure either online or on TV screens in public spaces of the names, photos and ID numbers of black listed citizens; phone dial tones mandated by authorities that inform people that they are calling a "dishonest debtor"

5.3. "Jews"

6. Religion


8. Media (journalism)

8.1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuwmWnphqII&feature=youtu.be


8.2.1. Propaganda is to democracy what violence is to dictatorship. Noam Chomsky

9. /SIG/ Self-Improvement-General

9.1. Carl Jung

9.1.1. Memorisation Phase 1 (Sensory) Engage your senses, use your eyes and ears, and get involved with the lecture and discussion, you have mastered this step. Phase 2 (Memorization) Repetition (literaly) Phase 3 (Analysis) Active learning, not passive memorization. Phase 4 (Judgement) Form an opinion Phase 5 (Intuition)

9.2. Nietzsche

10. United Nations (UN)

10.1. Agenda 21 (Document) 1992

10.1.1. "False choice" Sustainable development and regionalism Property rights are taken by the authorities for the "public good" because of agenda 21

10.1.2. Action plans The vancouver action plan UN Conference Declaration on human settlements - 1976 (1) Land, ...cannot be ...controlled by individuals and subject to the inefficiencies of the market. !!!!Private Land is a principal means of accumulation of wealth and ...contributes to social injustice!!!!!; ...if unchecked, it may become a major obstacle in the planning and implemention of development schemes Social justice...can only be achieved if used in the interests of society as a whole. By William K. Reilly

10.1.3. Reports "Our common future" This report was written in 1987 by the UN making the claim that to solve the problems of the world the answear is [wealth redistribution].

10.1.4. The NGO's that wrote the agenda were: I.C.L.E.I Local goverments for sustainability Sierra Club The Nature Conservancy World resources instittute

10.1.5. Agenda 21 is being rebrandad as enviromental justice, conservation easements, buffer zones and many more. Its also not a political movement but a plan

10.1.6. How it gets to ur hometown Planners surveys False claims Stratigic misrepresentation Regionalism Grants Federal regulations

10.1.7. What it does Transfers personal wealth places private property under public control manages who lives where and how

11. Central banking

11.1. The hidden origins of the bank of england

11.1.1. Quotes ...all great events have been distorted, most of the important causes concealed...If the history of england is ever written by one who has the knowledge and the courage, the world would be astonished. -Benjamin Disraeli, Prime Minister of Great Brittain 16 June 1647 From O.C. (Oliver Cromwell) to Ebenezer Pratt “In return for financial support will advocate admission of Jews to England: This however impossible while Charles living. Charles cannot be executed without trial, adequate grounds for which do not at present exist. Therefore advise that Charles be assassinated, but will have nothing to do with arrangements for procuring an assassin, though willing to help in his escape.” the reply--------->

11.1.2. First jewish migration and expulsion The jews arrive in 1066 when William I is defeated by king harold II coming from Rouen They were allowed to practice usury under royal protection Jews have been banished from more then 100 countries through out history

11.1.3. The glorious midle ages The average labourer worked only 14 weeks in a year and in their spear time they would help build cathedrals and many other projects

11.1.4. End of a golden era During the 17th century the golden era came to an end, a numerous amount of jews who were expelled from spain in 1492 for their persistente involvement in usury and had settled in holland in hopes to go to england Small numbers of Marranos-Spanish Jews who converted to a false form of christianity settled in London. Many of them were goldsmiths, accepting deposits of gold for safe keeping and then issuing tem time the amount of gold received (loans with intrest) the intrest grew even 30% per annum

11.1.5. Cromwell and the English Civil War the growing religious division provided a perfect oppurtunity for exploitation by the Jewish conspirators. in 1640 one of the leaders of the clandestine jewish community Fernandez Carvajal, a merchant and spy aka "the Great Jew" organized an armed militia of about 10,000 operatives who were used to intimidate the people of London and sow confusion

11.1.6. The Regicide of King Charles I King Charles was staying as a virtual prisoner in Holmby House, Northamptonshire. On 4 June 1647 500 revolutionaries seized the King, but then allowed him to escape to the Isle of Wight where he was subsequently arrested. On 5 December 1648 the House of Commons decided “That the King’s concessions were satisfactory to a settlement.” Cromwell purged the House of Commons with the assistance of Colonel Pryde until there was only a “Rump” of 50 members left, who then duly voted that the King be put on trial. Eventually it was provided by a Dutch Jew, Isaac Dorislaus. The King was forced to participate in a show trial in a High Court of Justice in which two thirds of its members were Levellers from the army. Charles refused to plead, but was found guilty and executed on 30 January 1649.

11.1.7. Second Jewish Migration Cromwell in 7-18 December 1655 held a conference in whitehall, London for the aproval the mass-imigration of jews. In spite of the conference being packed with Cromwell’s supporters, the overwhelming consensus of the delegates, who were mainly priests, lawyers and merchants, was that the Jews should not be permitted to enter England.