Coronary Heart Disesase

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Coronary Heart Disesase by Mind Map: Coronary Heart Disesase

1. Low-Stress lifestyle

2. narrowing and hardening of

2.1. Coronary artery

2.1.1. outside the heart and carry blood to the heart)

3. due to fatty deposits(cholesterol and polysaturated fats) on arterial wall

4. Heart attack

4.1. • Risks of coronary thrombosis higher in narrow arteries with fatty deposits

4.2. • The heart does not receive blood

4.2.1. heart does not get enough oxygen and nutrients that part of the heart dies blood is unable to flow to various parts of the body

5. Coronary thrombosis

5.1. formation of blood clot in coronary artery.

5.1.1. Prevents blood from reaching the heart

6. Causes

6.1. Poor diet/Obesity

6.1.1. Consumption of too much cholesterol and polysaturated fats

6.2. Lack of Exercise

6.2.1. Circulatory system not as effective Heart gets weakened

6.3. Smoking

6.3.1. Nicotine Increases blood pressure Increases risk of blood clotting in coronary arteries

6.3.2. Carbon monoxide Increases risk of fatty deposits in arterial walls

7. Prevention

7.1. Healthy diet

7.1.1. Lower cholesterol intake

7.1.2. Increase fruits and vegetables intake

7.2. Regular exercise/Low-stress lifestyle

7.2.1. Strengthens heart

7.2.2. Maintains elasticity of arterial walls

7.3. No smoking and drinking

7.4. New node