IEA Diploma: Website for Max Solution

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IEA Diploma: Website for Max Solution by Mind Map: IEA Diploma: Website for Max Solution

1. 1. Specification

1.1. Purpose: The purpose of this project is to design a website for Maxcom Company situated in Beijing. The product is called Max Solution, an all-purpose enzyme cleaner solution.

1.2. Client: Heidi Chen, CEO of Maxcom Science and Technology Co. LTD.

1.3. End user: Customers that go onto the website.

1.4. Targets (from Client): Both Chinese and English formats of the website Online application and ordering form (Electronic Ordering) Product information and its uses Contact page Membership registration

1.5. Personal Aims: Correct Target audience (business) and correct category (information/commerce) Visually exciting and appealing Serious Tone in writing Place the product in the centre of attention Overall Professional Image Animations could help making the website memorable

2. 2. Facilities

2.1. Software

2.1.1. Adobe Suite Adobe Fireworks Creation of Initial Template Adobe Dreamweaver Programming of website using HTML Adobe Photoshop Editing Photos

2.1.2. Online Tools (Internet Access) Documenting Progress Google Docs/Sites Bookmarking websites Diigo Surveying Google Forms Email Communicate with client Mind Map Bubbl.Us Mind Meister

2.2. Hardware

2.2.1. Scanner

2.2.2. Computer Mouse Keyboard

2.2.3. Mobile Phone (communicate with client)

2.2.4. Camera (with video function)

3. 3. Analysis

3.1. Research

3.1.1. What Makes a Good Website?

3.1.2. How to Make a Website? Website Name Domain Host HTML Coding

3.2. Comparison with Similar Products Pros? Cons? Layout? Interactive?

3.2.1. Dettol Website

3.2.2. Mr. Muscle Website

3.2.3. Clorox Website

4. 4. Design

4.1. What Makes a Good Design?

4.2. Initial designs done on A4 paper

4.2.1. Scan and Get Client Feedback

4.2.2. Incorporate Survey Results

4.2.3. Coloured and Annotated

4.3. Navigation Design

4.3.1. Flow Chart

4.4. Final Design done on Adobe Fireworks

4.4.1. Include client feedback

4.4.2. Full colour and scale

5. 5. Implementation

5.1. Upload files from Dreamweaver onto the WWW

5.2. Buy a Domain

5.3. Purchase a Web Name

5.4. Find a Host

6. 6. Testing

6.1. In House Testing

6.1.1. Check all links work

6.1.2. Grammar

6.2. Commercial Use

6.2.1. Business Associates opinion on the website (documented)

6.3. In Field Testing

6.3.1. Client Opinion of the website (interview)

6.4. Conclusion

6.4.1. Fit for Purpose? Demonstrate

7. 7. Evaluation

7.1. At least A4 page

7.1.1. Fit for Purpose?

7.1.2. Effective?

7.1.3. Strengths and Weaknesses

7.1.4. What could I have done differently

7.1.5. Content Suitable?

7.1.6. Easy Navigation?

7.1.7. Improvements that can be made