Lifelong dreams

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Lifelong dreams by Mind Map: Lifelong dreams

1. Prioritize actions

1.1. High Priority

1.2. Medium Priority

1.3. Low Priority

2. Places to visit

2.1. Goals

2.1.1. Goal 1

2.1.2. Goal 2

2.2. Rules

2.2.1. Session Rule 1

2.2.2. Session Rule 2

2.3. Define Problems

2.4. Capture Ideas

2.5. Prioritize Ideas

2.6. Define Action Points

3. Person you want to be

3.1. strengths to get

3.1.1. language competences English French

3.1.2. negotiation and communication competence

3.2. weaknesses to get rid of

3.3. personality

3.3.1. kind-hearted

3.3.2. outgoing

3.3.3. caring

3.3.4. high EQ

4. things to achieve

4.1. college

4.1.1. relationships make aquaintances of different departments make foreign aquaintances help disabled fellows in campus

4.1.2. school work

4.2. life

4.2.1. career gain any possibility to teach officially get a position and teach in a public school teach children from remote areas

4.2.2. marriage be a loving wife create a warm and caring atmosphere for children

4.2.3. family adopt a child from World Vision be a positive and supportive sister

4.2.4. friendship look for lifelong friends look for friends who have similar interests and beliefs

4.3. school club

4.3.1. genre artistic leadership linguistics sportive kinesthetic musical religion

4.3.2. experiences