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Animals by Mind Map: Animals

1. Inertebrates

1.1. Phylum of animals without a back bone and a spinal cord.

2. Porifera

2.1. Phylum of Sponges.

3. Echinoderm

3.1. Phylum of marine animals.

4. Arthropod

4.1. Phylum of animals with joints and segmented body.

5. Mollusk

5.1. Phylum of animals having a shell.

6. Annelid

6.1. Phylum of animals with segments.

7. Cnidarain

7.1. Phylum of animals that has a stinging structure.

8. Platyhelminthes

8.1. Phylum of worms with a bilateral symmetry and a soft flat body.

9. Chordata

9.1. Phylum of animals with a single dorsal fin or notochord