The Little Prince

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The Little Prince by Mind Map: The Little Prince

1. The Businessman's Planet

1.1. Asteroid 328

1.2. Inhabited by a businessman

1.2.1. He was concerned with matters of consequence

1.2.2. He counted stars He said he owned them, since they didn't belong to anyone. He had only been interrupted 3 times in his life

1.2.3. He was a very busy man

2. The Lamplighter's Planet

2.1. Asteroid 329

2.2. It was a very small planet

2.2.1. There was only a street light and a lamp lighter

2.3. The lamplighter would light his lamp and put it out every one minute, thats how long days where there

2.3.1. He was only following orders

3. Earth

3.1. It was very big

3.2. There were 2 billion people

3.3. The little Prince arrived In the Sahara Desert

3.3.1. There he met a snake, who he thought was harmless

3.3.2. It was very lonely there

4. The Geographers Planet

4.1. Asteroid 330

4.2. It was a beautiful planet

4.3. It was inhabited by a geographer

4.3.1. He sat in his desk all the time, reading a book

4.3.2. He didn't know anything about his planet, because he wasn't an explorer

4.3.3. He became interested with the Little Prince's Planet He started asking him questions about it to write them down When the prince started telling him about his flowers, he said he only put on the record things that were ethereal.

4.3.4. He recommended the Prince to go to Earth

5. His Planet

5.1. Asteroid B-12 (Probably)

5.2. Very small

5.3. Filled with baobabs

5.4. Home of his rose

5.4.1. A beutiful flower, who the prince loved.

5.4.2. The only one in his planet

5.4.3. A dear friend of his

6. The Conceited Man's Planet

6.1. Asteroid 326

6.2. Was inhabited by the Conciented man

6.2.1. He loved being admired

6.2.2. He wore a hat for salutes

6.2.3. He wanted to the prince to clap for him and admire him.

6.3. The prince was the first person to ever go there

7. The Tippler's Planet

7.1. Asteroid 327

7.2. Was inhabited by the Tippler

7.2.1. He drank a lot of alcohol He drank in order to forget that he was ashamed of drinking

7.2.2. He found him with a collection of full and empty bottles

8. The King's Planet

8.1. Asteroid 325

8.2. Inhabited by only the King

8.2.1. He liked giving orders, which were easy to obey

8.2.2. To him everyone was a subject

8.2.3. He was clad in purple and ermine