Third-party Sign In options

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Third-party Sign In options by Mind Map: Third-party Sign In options

1. Providers

1.1. Facebook

1.1.1. Pros Common Sharing Comprehensive profile Network/Friends Less chance for fake users Very good API support Web Mobile Open graph

1.1.2. Cons Fear of all eggs in the same basket Privacy? Security expectations

1.2. Twitter

1.2.1. Pros Sharing Communication Common

1.2.2. Cons No email

1.3. Windows Live

1.3.1. Pros Microsoft is refocusing all their products to a single identity Future reach may change

1.3.2. Cons Obsolete service/API? New windows 8 coming Unknown Low usage Bad API

1.4. Google

1.4.1. Pros Future potential because of Android Google+ accounts is a Google priority

1.4.2. Cons Cumbersome API

1.5. Janrain

1.5.1. Pros One API Many providers

1.5.2. Cons Costly Single point of failure Basic feature set

2. General

2.1. Pros

2.1.1. No verification of email required

2.1.2. Easier registration

2.1.3. Can be disable since it is optional

2.2. Cons

2.2.1. Not a replacement for security

2.2.2. May lead to confusing ux

2.2.3. Subject to external Influence Privacy Usage Uptime Terms of usage Lockout

3. Options

3.1. Only Facebook

3.1.1. Pros Less options Less clutter on interface Better UI Native implementation Practically an industry standard Entire business depends on it Platform for the social graph Billion users Comprehensive profile Mobile Email Interests Friends Address Location Communication Messages Notifications Sharing Free

3.1.2. Cons

3.2. Janrain (Facebook/Google/Live/++)

3.2.1. Pros One implementation to rule them all

3.2.2. Cons Not 100% native Missing some functionality Costs money

3.3. None (only our own account)

3.3.1. Pros

3.3.2. Cons