Does sport merit the vast sums of money that are spent on it?

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Does sport merit the vast sums of money that are spent on it? by Mind Map: Does sport merit the vast sums of money that are spent on it?

1. Key word definitions

1.1. Sport: an athletic activity that requires skill and physical prowess and often of a competitive nature.

1.1.1. Types Competitive Non-competitive Team games Individual games Physical activity

1.2. Merit: something that deserves or justifies a reward or commendation.

1.3. Vast sums of money: a large amount of money

1.3.1. Spent on Infrastructure Prizes and trophies Sponsorship Transfer fees Hosting and organisation of events

1.3.2. Sources Government Coporations Consumers, customers, spectators, people. Media

2. Yes, sport does merit the vast sums of money that are spent on it.

2.1. Economic

2.1.1. Sports infrastructure built for the various sports can become tourist attractions which generate income for the country. Beijing Olympics Bird's Nest Stadium.

2.1.2. Sports can become a platform for companies to advertise their products as there is a very large and wide audience who are interested in sports paying attention to these advertisements. Cause: Companies pouring large sums of money into sporting events as they sponsor these events. Effect: Companies use these sports events to advertise their products. Investments are recovered.

2.1.3. Increased in demand for more sport facilities and merchandises leading to producers improving the accessiblity and variety of sport facilities and apparels to meet demand. Passionate individuals or groups can indulge more in sports.

2.2. Social

2.2.1. Sport allows for the promotion of bonding among people, which helps to encourage social cohesion. (This is only valid if money is spent on sporting facilities that are made available to the public to use for further bonding.)

2.3. Sports

2.3.1. Preserve and spread sporting values Excellence, perseverence, sportsmanship, friendship Social media show matches especially duriung sporting seasons (Olympics) and garner large masses of audiences

2.4. Health

2.4.1. Encouraging citizens to stay fit- providing a platform for people to exercise. Gives rise to a healthier population. Higher productivity and better economic growth

2.5. Politics

2.5.1. Sports infrastuctures can give rise to national pride in the country as citizens are proud to be able to identify with these structures and facilities. Beijing Olympics Bird's Nest Stadium.

3. No, sport does not merit the vast sums of money that are spent on it.

3.1. Economic

3.1.1. Some of the more famous sports stars are paid far too large sums of money, which are not necessary for their profession. Wayne Rooney receives 180 thousand pounds per week. Sports athletes are paid such large amounts due to mass audience watching and that they are professionals.

3.1.2. Government should spend the money on more important aspects such as healthcare and education, esp if the country is developing Singapore spent million of dollars when we hosted the F1 race

3.2. Social

3.2.1. Audience's attention diverted away from the true meaning of sports Prevalence of gamblings Money poured into producing prices will erode sporting values

3.3. Sports

3.3.1. Erosion of sporting values Sportsmen driven by monetary benefits rather than personal performances Further perpetuate bribery and match fixing because the stakes are higher with more money pumped into sports Cricket world cup: Pakistani players banned for life as they were caught deliberately fixing matches Encouraging sportsmen to use any methods to win, including illegal methods such as using steroids Sabotaging other sportsmen to ensure one's victory.

3.4. Health

3.4.1. Sports stars nowadays are known to take drugs in order to perform better. These drugs are not allowed in sporting competitions. Some part of the money given to funding these sports stars are sopent on the purchase of such drugs. Steriods

3.5. Mass media

3.5.1. Sporting events are usually televised across the globe with many advertisements during commercial breaks. these advertisements are also put up around the stadiums which the sports are being held at. These advertisements include the promotion of alcohol and gambling. Such advertisements are bad influences on audiences watching such sporting events as they encourage unsuitable behaviour. Some ciga

3.6. Environment

3.6.1. There have been many cases of mass littering after sporting events. This is not ideal for the environment. Pour more money into event itself to campaign for more cleanliness.