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FUTURE with WILL by Mind Map: FUTURE with WILL

1. "WILL" cases

1.1. to make predictions

1.1.1. It will probably rain tomorrow

1.2. to make a promise

1.2.1. I will pay next week the money i owe you

1.2.2. i promise i will work harder

1.2.3. I will always love you

1.3. to talk about offers

1.3.1. I'll do this part of the assigment, don't worry.

2. "WILL" in use

2.1. (+) affirmative form

2.1.1. I forgot the milk, I'll return to the grocery store in the afternoon.

2.1.2. i will see you next week

2.1.3. I'll buy a new TV

2.1.4. I will have the homework for you in two weeks

2.2. (-) negative form

2.2.1. I won't have time to play

2.3. Yes / No questions

2.3.1. will you come with me to the party?

2.3.2. will you go to the college tomorrow?

2.4. WH- questions

2.4.1. who will go tomorrow to the college?

2.4.2. what will you choose to eat?

2.4.3. Where will you travel on the next vacation?

2.4.4. to express a spontaneous decision i will go to the university tomorrow