Checklist/Questions for new FW

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Checklist/Questions for new FW by Mind Map: Checklist/Questions for new FW

1. radio settings

2. any PCBA modifications required?

3. Production

3.1. Who is producing where?

3.2. What is produced? (all models!!)

3.3. Service-Mode changes needed?

3.4. Test-Spec update needed?

3.5. Ramp-Up support needed?

3.5.1. on-site needed? Visa, Flight, ...

3.5.2. remote-support needed? Meetings...

3.5.3. Do they speak English? Translator needed?

3.6. Finished goods checking needed?

3.7. FW-preview needed?

3.7.1. preview FW for tester-builders needed?

3.7.2. preview FW internally needed for test-spec?

3.8. FirmwareFlasher needed?

3.8.1. FirmwareFlasher needs an update?

3.8.2. "Secure Element" FW update needed?

3.9. production.jar needed?

3.10. All configs defined?

3.10.1. CrystalConfig final?

3.10.2. ProductConfig

3.10.3. NFC/LED/...

4. SW support?

4.1. SimpleTaskProcessor availbale?

4.2. new CoreService needed?

4.3. Cloud support needed/added?

4.4. new production.jar needed?

4.5. Label-ID range defined?

4.6. Wakeup-cycle defined?

4.7. STP: is FW-update working? (new MCU, memory layout changed?)

4.8. Do we need support in "Auto-FW-updater"?

4.9. Access-point update needed?

5. Testing (FW-internal)

5.1. new features clear for testing?

5.2. can we test the ESLs at home or updates needed?

5.3. SimpleServiceMode-Toolkit update needed?

5.4. Lifetime check

5.4.1. Do we need a pre-release?

5.5. Any FW-rechecks needed?

6. New Feature Request

6.1. Is the use-case clear and in Jira?

6.2. Any developer concerns?

6.2.1. any conflict with existing functionality?

6.3. Do we need a pre-release for use-case testing?

6.3.1. When do we need a pre-release?

6.4. Impact on lifetime?

6.5. Do we need full backwards protocol compatibility?

6.6. Access-point update needed?

7. Certification

7.1. When to deliver?

7.1.1. When deliver FW?

7.1.2. Who is flashing/building the ESLs/APs? Is Jira "ADM-525" still correct?

7.2. Any HW change?

7.3. Can we use old FW for certification?

7.4. What to certify?

7.4.1. AP

7.4.2. ESL Modulation

7.4.3. protocol changes

7.4.4. TX power changes

7.5. Do we have all HW?

7.5.1. PCBAs

7.5.2. do we have the displays?

7.5.3. do we have the "images" the ESLs need to show?

8. New EPD Display (BW/E4)

8.1. do we have the display?

8.2. Is the OTP layout defined?

8.3. known driver IC or new one?

8.4. new resolution/color?

8.5. do we have the driver specification/doc?

8.6. any FW changes needed? (memory layout, ext-Flash, ...)

8.7. any HW changes needed?

8.7.1. BOM changes?

8.7.2. pin-changes?

8.7.3. Ext-Flash needed?

8.7.4. bigger MCU needed?

8.7.5. Booster soft-start/discharge,...?

9. New "other" Display (E5/LCD/n-color...)

9.1. TBC!!

9.2. any major FW changes needed?

9.3. any major change in driver-IC support?

9.4. radio protocol changes needed? (throughput, animation...)

10. New PCBA/BOM

10.1. do we have the PCBA?

10.1.1. correct PCBA or "functional sample"?

10.1.2. quality of PCBA (final BOM or prototype?

10.1.3. antenna matching placed?

10.1.4. debug connector available?

10.2. do we have a jig?

10.3. any HW changes?

10.3.1. pin changes?

10.3.2. BOM changes?

10.4. is PCBA supported by existing "FW platform" release?

10.5. Do we need a FW for HW qualification?

10.5.1. what quality needed? protoype or release-candidate?