Impact Of Ai

Sociological Imagination

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Impact Of Ai by Mind Map: Impact Of Ai

1. China

1.1. Government

1.1.1. Highway With Sensors

1.2. Facial Recognition

1.2.1. Cashier-less Stores

1.3. Ai Entrepreneurship

1.3.1. Innovation

1.3.2. Autonomous Vehicles

1.4. High Amount Of Users

1.4.1. Large Pool Of Data Easy Predictions Of Customer Behavior

1.5. Banking Industry

1.5.1. Loaning Process Ai Data Collection

1.6. Social Credit Matrix

1.6.1. Social Credit Score High Reward Low Punish

2. U.S.A

2.1. Transportation Industry

2.1.1. Driverless Cars Less Traffic Fatalities

2.2. Logistics Industry

2.2.1. Ai Driven Trucks Ability To Operate 24 Hours Loss Of Jobs For Drivers

2.3. Medical Industry

2.3.1. Early Detection Of Diseases Prevent Breast Cancer

3. Externalities

3.1. Automation

3.1.1. Rapid Loss Of Workforce Health Impacts For Workers Cardiovascular Disease Depression Life Impacts Of Dependent Children Low School Achievement High Dropout Rates

3.1.2. Benefits Capitalists Increased Inequality

3.2. Surveillance Business

3.2.1. Influence Voting

3.2.2. Selling Digital Footprint Learning Human Behavior Altering Human Behavior

3.3. Surveillance State

3.3.1. Human Rights Violation Oppressed Minorities

3.3.2. Technological Racism