Global governance

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Global governance by Mind Map: Global governance

1. Is The World Unmanageable?

2. Goals Of Governance

2.1. Goals Of Global Governance

2.2. Goals Of State Governance

3. Layers Of Governance

3.1. The State System Of Governance

3.1.1. Challenge To State Capacity

3.1.2. The Challenge Of Sovereignty

3.1.3. The Challenge Of Nationalism

3.2. Civil Society Groups: The Importance Of Association

3.2.1. Global Civil Society And Democracy

3.3. Multinational Corporations: Do They Have Undue Influence?

3.4. Potential For Corruption: The Revolving Door And Conflict Of Interests

3.5. International Political And Economic Institutions

3.6. Regional And International Intergovernmental Alliances And Organizations

4. A Normative Basis For Good Governance

4.1. Voice And Accountability

4.2. Political Stability And Absence Of Violence

4.3. Control Of Corruption

4.3.1. Bribery Of Foreign Officials

4.4. Rule Of Law

4.5. Trust And Confidence In Governments

5. Meeting The Challenges Of Governance

5.1. Challenging Multiple Layers Of Governance

5.2. Reforming Global Governance Institutions

5.3. Earning A Seat At The Table: Holding Corporations And Civil Society Organizations Accountable

5.4. Accountability, Stability, and States

5.4.1. Socializing States

5.4.2. Enhancing Inclusion Through Deliberative Polling

5.5. The Individual Actor And Accountable Decision Making

5.5.1. Holding Power To Account: The Role Of The Media