Green Triangle Company Ideas

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Green Triangle Company Ideas by Mind Map: Green Triangle Company Ideas

1. Design Innovation

1.1. Marketing

1.1.1. Traceability - Sheep to Carpet x2 Full tracking of wool from source to end – farm to floor (what type of sheep, what type of wool etc) Story for show room stands

1.1.2. Advertise Education packs for schools about wool to carpet – history of wool More education for the retailors, why should consumers buy our carpet over nylon? x2 What makes cavalier carpet better than other carpet??? Incentivize retailers to sell our product x2 Benefits of wool vs Nylon - posters in retailers to educate customers Cavalier branded items for consumers and employees e.g Laptop bags Learning from covid 19 - buying NZ made - tapping into that Powerful one liner tagline - e.g "Move to nature' - icebreaker Who are our future consumers? Better to the point advertisements Video Documented video of carpet making journey – from farm to carpet TV advertisements x2 Country calendar episode / documentary YouTube channel

1.1.3. Show home / visual experience App or website tool where you can upload a photo of your room to visualise carpet at full scale Factory tours – including schools Partnering up with existing education / tour stream (farm tours?) Show homes – dedicated show room or space to showcase cavalier products A concept store – showcase our products in a home setting Concierge person for showroom / entrance of offices

1.1.4. Carpet Care / After Care Services Cavalier carpet cleaner to be given with Bremworth and Aspire collection Specialised cavalier carpet cleaners Cavalier Bremworth Vacuum cleaners education for consumers on how to care for their carpet Warranty registration database 2-3 years free carpet care prog Cavalier Bremworth care kit – use to be done Easy explanatory information pack of how to care for carpet digital receipt with a care video add on / free premium merch e.g slippers

1.1.5. Networking Red carpet for special events Company owned sheep station – or partnering up with wool station Breed our own sheep – excellent quality carpet wool Better networking with the wool community Connections with wool and wine industry sheep onto wineries for grazing

1.1.6. Other Incorporate Maori culture more Buy the wool business from GH – so then we own the wool market Being too slow on decision making – e.g announcement to wool Visualization of the company vision around the plant

1.2. Product Innovation

1.2.1. Rugs More rug making x2 Bespoke rug programme – hand made rugs in NZ Car Rugs / Mats x2 for luxury cars Hallway runners Dedicated rugs specialist to handle queries – hard flooring becoming more popular, rug stands in retailers

1.2.2. Carpet Vegan Carpet 3D carpet (printing) automated hand tuft machine Outdoor carpets / rugs Felting – felted products – artificial turf for playgrounds, sporting, landing mats etc use more of a colour range More Colours per product Alarm clock carpet All in one carpet - including underlay LED lighted carpet Cell-carpet LED - MaterialDistrict Illuminated Carpet - MaterialDistrict Ethnic designs, Maori, Samoan & pasifica Matariki designs Woven Axminster carpets - removal of latex Expand on artwork and imagery on carpet - artistic impressions Colours from Native birds and Trees Could partner with DOC? Percentage purchased goes to DOC to help native birds or trees? Or 1x Native tree planted per mtr purchased? Wall to wall carpet – white backing Carpet for commercial airlines

1.2.3. New Product More focus and promotion for wool underlay – from recycled wool Wool Insulation x3 Upholstery fabrics Fire blankets Other Natural Fibre Carpet / Rugs Seagrass Carpets - MaterialDistrict Shag Bamboo - MaterialDistrict Banana fibre, hemp & jute carpet - MaterialDistrict Banana fiber Hemp Shag - MaterialDistrict Explore new technologies Compressed flooring Wool Carpet Tiles x3 lease wool carpet tiles - return system Wool & biobased plastic Carpet - MaterialDistrict Underfloor heating that is woven into the rug / carpet – Bluetooth – smart homes , find connections Energy source created by foot traffic / friction on carpet Wool packaging with cavalier branding – like my food bag? Wool Speaker Boxes These wireless speakers are made from clay, wood and wool - MaterialDistrict Wool Soundproofing Wolwerken acoustic panels - MaterialDistrict Fine suiting fabrics – apparel Carpet / wool Wallpaper x2 Wool wall - MaterialDistrict Felted Wool Wall Tiles Acoustic Wool Felt Flex - MaterialDistrict

1.3. Waste Yarn, Carpet or Fibre

1.3.1. Other Insulation x2 Alchimea lana - MaterialDistrict Waste carpet turned into rugs or mats Donate to community or staff x2 Air filters for offices from carded fibre Create spill mats Underlays Reuse waste yarn to hand tuft rugs / carpets Hand-tufted carpets made with leftover carpet capacity - MaterialDistrict Stitch together waste pieces of carpet into rugs Orient recycled carpet - MaterialDistrict

1.3.2. Accessories Apparel and Accessories Wool Masks x2 Hand knitting yarn x3 Waste yarn for Island Skirts Crochet x2 Leg warmers, gloves, hats, scarves Tassels Bandannas Bags Jacket / Dusters Keyrings Onsies Slippers Innersoles for shoes x2 Rugby Headgear Wigs Home Cup Warmers Bedding e.g Duvet Inners Packaging and Movers blankets Shopping bags Golf club socks Sleeping bag inners Blinds Soft toys Plant Holder / Baskets Pet Accessories e.g towels, clothes and blankets Baby bassinet covers Phone covers Rope or shoelaces x2 Upholstery - car seat covers, furniture covers x2 Hot surface covers e.g pots Woven gift wrap Throw Rugs / Blankets 3D art frames Waste carpet and yarn for weed mats / geotextiles x2 Other Medical Accessories. E.g Plasters Door and draught stops Embedded seeds in waste jute fibre Wool Coffins Padding or absorbing material Stuffing

2. Environmentalism

2.1. Staff

2.1.1. Company cars as Electric cars or hybrid x2

2.1.2. Incentivise employees to use public transport or car pool.

2.1.3. Company wide communication and education of sustainability to extend to our homes. Engaging our employees to make small changes at home to 'zero waste'. Incentivize /competition? Get a guest speaker in to educate

2.1.4. Reduce flights / impact of travel Lessons learnt from Covid 19 Teams meetings offsetting flights

2.1.5. working from home - even if it's once a week - lowers our emissions created by our cars x2 we should measure this, can we do a survey to gather data on employees commute and figure out how much co2 emissions would could save

2.1.6. Subsidy for staff to bike or walk to work – ebikes

2.1.7. Natural Fibre PPE for Staff

2.1.8. Education training day - Incorporate sustainability knowledge into the program like we had the health & safety questionnaire

2.1.9. Update induction booklets with relevant workplace sustainability info

2.2. Cafeteria

2.2.1. Reduce Plastic Packaging

2.2.2. 1 Meat free day a week, or meat free options- offering non dairy milk Get rid of processed meats

2.2.3. Healthier Food in the Cafeteria (especially breakfast)

2.2.4. Better recycling system in cafeteria

2.2.5. single use plastics only being given when requested.

2.2.6. Composting of food scraps / food waste

2.2.7. Play sustainable and waste reduction videos on the TV’s in the cafeteria

2.2.8. Promote waste reduction workshops on notice boards that staff can choose to attend in their own time – E.g. composting collective workshop, waste free with Kate, ethically Kate on tour.

2.3. Sampling

2.3.1. Natural binding tape for sampling - replacement of plastic - natural cotton? x2 Or develop a technique to not use binding? with branding on the tape Removing satin sashes from take home samples – fading issues

2.3.2. Environmentally Friendly Stickers for sampling

2.3.3. Alternative for plastic handling of samples x2 Wool felted straps

2.3.4. Natural Sewing thread - or eco option for sampling

2.3.5. Sample take back program for sampling errors - recycling?

2.3.6. Can our sampling be more eco friendly? Since this is all the consumer sees it should speak loud and clear what our message is about. E.G made out of recycled paper / wool. Compostable? Or Seed paper? Or something new

2.4. Packaging

2.4.1. Natural Twine for tying x2

2.4.2. Replacement for courier bags

2.4.3. Natural Cello Tape / Paper Tape x2

2.4.4. Packaging used within our company - where is plastic being used? Are there non plastic alternatives? Paper alternatives Compostable alternatives

2.4.5. Change carpet deliver bags – natural option instead of plastic or a buy back scheme, return bag and get credit , or a carpet clean spray? or Bremworth slippers Jute sack

2.4.6. Wool packing peanuts / felted balls

2.5. Latex

2.5.1. Natural Adhesive for latex Rice as a natural adhesive Natural Rubber Latex

2.5.2. Latex free carpet

2.5.3. Biodegradable

2.5.4. New way of construction which doesn’t need latex backing woven?

2.6. Environmentally Friendly / Natural Backing

2.6.1. Recyclable Backing Use waste to turn into flashbac backing

2.6.2. Calico as a primary backing

2.6.3. Flax Backing

2.6.4. Tapa Cloth backing

2.6.5. Bamboo backing

2.6.6. Other natural backing

2.6.7. Hemp

2.7. Donations

2.7.1. Factory seconds shop for waste cuts

2.7.2. Give back to the community - free advertising

2.7.3. International Donations

2.7.4. Donations of off cuts etc to communities, state housing, maraes

2.8. Working with...

2.8.1. Aligning ourselves with with other like minded companies for collaborations. Sustainable coastlines Sustainable business network

2.8.2. Aligning ourselves with community groups x2 Local Rubbish Clean ups Tree planting

2.8.3. working with environmental consultants

2.9. Waste

2.9.1. Conduct a rubbish bin audit - see what disposable items and plastic items are being disposed of - what can we eliminate and reduce cost on?

2.9.2. Is there further work we could do to reduce our yarn waste? Look into donating portions of yarn waste to universities? small lot faulty yarn stock which we can sell to universities?

2.9.3. Looking at the overall life cycle of our product carpet waste of our consumers? Where does this end up? Buy back of old carpet to dispose of more environmentally? Does / can this happen? Return to earth carpet , being able to compost waste carpet

2.9.4. Creating a database of all the waste products

2.9.5. Educate and communicate to staff where our waste goes

2.9.6. More recycling facilities throughout the plants – café, plant, offices etc . E.g jute bag dedicated for yarn scraps at tufters

2.10. Other

2.10.1. Grow more plants indoor and outdoor Bring nature inside - manufacturing and offices

2.10.2. Carbon Credits

2.10.3. Turning our environmental changes into policies. Holding ourselves accountable. Adopt a no plastic and synthetic policy

2.10.4. End of life carpet - seperating backing, and better recycling of our own product Our own recycling stream

2.10.5. Oils / chemical spills - wool to soak up - wool sausage nets

2.10.6. Collect rainwater

2.10.7. Solar power on factory roof energy recovery from plant equipment

2.10.8. Eco friendly stationery

2.11. Transparency and traceability x2

2.11.1. Being aware of Greenwashing How far are we willing to go environmentally, if we are marketing ourselves as the environmentally friendly carpet option be honest to our customers Can we set a goal to be 'plastic free' by 2025?

2.11.2. Telling the consumers where everything is from? E.g Wool from southland, Backing from ... , dyed in Napier, Tufted in Auckland. Also release a sustainability transparency report Examples 01 Crew Neck Put together and release transparency reports - icebreaker Transparency Report | icebreaker

3. Manufacturing and Office Innovation

3.1. Manufacturing Innovation

3.1.1. Other Excessively long tails on cones - 3 mtrs long Machine Maintenance records up to date? Cone multiples based on products Bring back winding Re lapping on the run Better storage systems -less boxes (sampling) Reuse pallets Reduce turn around time for products Safe place to store data - IT

3.1.2. Staff Upskilling staff

3.1.3. Product Standardised number of ends number of ends for beaming Producing a carpet with no selvage Eliminate thick and thin yarn Minimise products to reduce time wasted by machine set up changes Continuous yarn lot

3.1.4. Upgrades and Advancements Other Greenfeild site Automated Truck Loading Automatic Dust Extraction - direct path to the compactor or reuse the waste Automated shrink wrap machine TV Screens for scheduling in tufting and beaming (napier) Visual Results & Targets arounds the plant Walky talkies or intercom in between departments New way of loading polys Different cone holder on the creel - improve plastic for holding cones Wonder Pen Upgrade sampling lift - faster Statistical yarn control in spinning/carding Up to date / new cutting machine for carpet samples Alternative to sewing machine - hot glue tape or ultrasound Automated Weighing System Ride on tool station Dedicated profit of sales to Papatoetoe - e.g every mtr sold $1.00 goes to Papatoetoe plant development fund Electronic system to track staff “PPE gear sign off card” and “equipment sign off card.” Better electronic system for updating and managing SOP Electronic system for training staff against SOP and sign off Electric fork hoist Bar codes x4 more investment and value of Quality Control of our products Mending Separate mending frame of carpet before it gets backed mending department to improve our quality New mending gun Finishing See through oven Electronic tape measure - iphone app A better method to fix poor lamination Computerised shearer / cropper Automated Latex Mixer Faults Fault recognition Cameras Better fault identification system from finishing – to reduce the rework created at Hautu Hautu Carpet rolls not compatible with roll up system Move the cutting table around the other way x2 Cavalier owned truck for local deliveries – rather than contracting Swipe cards to enter premises plus clocking in for shift Lease unused distribution space – once nylon is removed Standard roll size diameter from finishing for the racking and cutting table Faster response from engineering – current lack of urgency Better maintenance from contractors on the hoists Better system/programme to turn over the WREC rolls – improve grading system for grade 3 carpets Better cleaning system for cutting table Beaming Replacement Beam loaders Computerised operating system for beaming Conveyer line for beams to be transported to Tufting Alternative Beams - yarn getting buried - aluminium or fibre light New and/or improved splicing gun Inconsistent mtrs on cones, correct cone multiples Powered robotic beam loader with ball wheels Better way of moving creel Tufting Operating System Dusty tufters - extend tubes from beam to stand to header board Tufters with cordless remotes Brakes on beam stand to reduce over runs Tufter 1 & 17, the height of machines for threading them is too low Trolleys - standardise as one size, currently multiple sizes Simulated Capet Standards Sensors or vision systems on the beam stand to detect missing yarn Better tools - more available and accessible - tool trolley for each machine Alternative to air hoses design 2 beam set up for tufters

3.2. Office Innovation

3.2.1. Other Privatise the company

3.2.2. Product Innovation Database / intranet to log company ideas from employees – if idea chosen then get rewarded Wool Wikipedia app / mainly for staff but can also educate retailor – wool facts, easy to use App or similar to translate inter company language E.g numbers of products to names.

3.2.3. Well being Stand and sitting desk options – ergonomic dedicated time to get up from desk and go for a walk with other staff? More natural lighting in office Fitness well being classes to staff quiet space for staff Massages, meditation, mental health, yoga pedal powered accessories machine - exercise

3.2.4. Staff Have an HR department IT training programme – log areas they would like to learn Staff training on our processes of carpet for all Job swap between the factory and office – education for staff 4 day office week and 1 day at home x2 More company events to build staff moral x2 Lecture series – bring other departments together to gather and share ideas, get to know one another better Improve our company disconnect / communication between sites as well as departments. Improve our mentality of working together as a team between sites rather than sticking to our own departments interests. Diversity of Staff and more Women in Senior/Management roles. Job opportunities for special needs community