Creating a virtual Library

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Creating a virtual Library by Mind Map: Creating a virtual Library

1. Research

1.1. Educational Web Based Search Engines- Noodle Tools, etc

1.2. Properly citing resources

1.3. Connections to Grade specific curric ulum

2. Collaboration

2.1. Online Book Talks/Blogs

2.2. Reading Clubs (Forest of Reading, etc)

2.3. Public Library Connection

3. Goal

3.1. Engaging (colourful, use of icon)

3.2. Usability (use Page Flakes and avoid hyperlinks)

3.3. Build site collaboratively and ask what the "audience" will find useful

3.4. Visual organization

4. Tools!

4.1. Copyright friendly images,music, files, avatar makers

4.2. Web 2.0 applications (Prezi, Glogster, etc.)

4.3. Uniqueness

4.4. So What?

5. Audience

5.1. Students

5.2. Parents

5.3. Teachers

5.4. Support Staff

5.5. Volunteers

6. Branding

6.1. School Effectiveness Framework

6.2. Board Connected

6.3. Ministry of Education

7. Book Catalogs

7.1. School LIbrary Search Engine

7.2. E-book Connections