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Can prejudice ever be eliminated? by Mind Map: Can prejudice ever be eliminated?
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Can prejudice ever be eliminated?



Completely removed




Misled by fallacious information

It has been been extremely effective in the past, and such implementations should be continued

Women were given voting rights (Women's Suffrage)

Equal pay for men & women (Equal Pay Act)



No, prejudice will never be eliminated.

It is ingrained in minds of humans since young.

It is deeply rooted in human nature.

Society's prejudice against a specific group of people will cause individuals to subscribe to the same prejudice. (The Herd Mentality)

Lack of interaction between different racial, cultural or religious groups will result in prejudice.

Yes, prejudice can one day be eliminated.

This can be done through education.


This requires a bottom- up approach, where this process of educating the society begins with the young.

The individual also plays a significant role in correcting their fallacious mindsets

The government can also play a role in eliminating prejudice

Note: Prejudice is not discrimination! Prejudice has to do with the inflexible and irrational attitudes and opinions held by members of one group about another, while discrimination refers to behaviors directed against another group.

Notions of prejudice

Prejudice has much the same meaning as bias. It is not just an emotion or feeling, a habit or personality trait. It is more an attitude that has been influenced by family, friends, church groups, and first-hand experiences

Humans are not born prejudiced, yet they often cultivate one form of it or another at a very early age

As the person grows older, the prejudice often becomes a well-established part of his inner psychological self. It becomes an inflexible generalization about others that is difficult to change once established