Body Language

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Body Language by Mind Map: Body Language

1. Posture

1.1. Head Position

1.2. Muscle Tension or Relaxion

1.3. Open or Closed Body Posture

1.4. Sitting, Crouching or Standing

2. Body Movements

2.1. Arm, Hand and Finger Gestures

2.2. Leg Gestures

2.3. Rocking and Rigid Movements

2.4. Breathing Rate and Depth

3. Facial Expressions

3.1. Forehead

3.2. Mouth

3.3. Cheeks

3.4. Nose and Breathing Movements

4. Voice

4.1. Tone of Voice

4.2. Pace of Speaking

5. Eye Contact

6. Personal Space

7. Touching Gestures