Elements of Multicultural Literature from "Mariah" Short Story

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Elements of Multicultural Literature from "Mariah" Short Story by Mind Map: Elements of Multicultural Literature from "Mariah" Short Story

1. Belief Systems

1.1. Imam is a muslim and he believes in God.

1.1.1. 1. Imam went to Thailand to study more about Islam with Sheikh.

1.1.2. 2. When Imam suddenly remembered about his long-lost love, which is the daughter of Sheikh, he told himself that it was all allegation from God.

2. Value Systems

2.1. 1. We should be honest to our feelings especially before we had the marriage so that it doesn't lead to any misunderstanding.

2.2. 2. We must raise awareness that bearing children is not a woman's job. It takes both sides to bear children so it is unfair for women to be blamed for it.

3. Gender Issues

3.1. Discrimination in marriage ; between Imam and Cik Yam

3.1.1. 1. Imam thinks and believe that bearing children is a woman's job. Hence, he blames Cik Yam because she can't bear a child.

4. Social Issues

4.1. Imam is very well known by the villagers.

4.1.1. 1. Imam is well known due to fact that he is the village's priest.

4.2. The womenfolk always gossips about another people

4.2.1. 1. The womenfolk were gossiping about the way Mariah dresses, they said she purposely wearing a short kebaya to seduce the men.

4.2.2. 2. They also assumed that Mariah has put something into her Nasi Belauk.

5. Family Relationships

5.1. A cold relationship between a married couple, Cik Gu Nab and Cik Gu Leh.

5.1.1. 1. Cik Gu Nab doesn't care about her husband's welfare.

5.1.2. 2. Cik Gu Leh eats Nasi Belauk at Mariah's stall because her wife is not good in cooking.

5.1.3. 3. Cik Gu Nab don't know her husband went there to have breakfast and she keeps on talking about Mariah and the other men.