Gastrointestinal System

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Gastrointestinal System by Mind Map: Gastrointestinal System

1. Liver

1.1. - produces bile, which emulsifies fat

2. Salivary Glands

2.1. - secrete saliva, which contains enzymes that initiate breakdown of CHO

3. Mouth

3.1. - mechanical breakdown of food; begins chemical digestion of CHO

4. Pharynx

4.1. - connects mouth with esophagus

5. Gallbladder (the green in color)

5.1. - stores bile and introduces it into small intestine

6. Pancreas (yellow in color)

6.1. - produces and secretes pancreatic juice, containing digestive enzymes and bicarbonate ions, into small intestine


8. Esophagus

8.1. - peristalsis pushes food to stomach

9. Stomach

9.1. - secretes acid and enzymes. Mixes food with secretions to begin enzymatic secretion of CHON

10. Small intestine

10.1. - mixes food with bile and pancreatic juice. Final enzymatic breakdown of food molecules; main site of nutrient absorption

11. Large intestine

11.1. - absorbs water and electrolytes to form feces.

12. Rectum

12.1. -regulates elimination of feces