Using Vimeo with BigMind Catalyst

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Using Vimeo with BigMind Catalyst by Mind Map: Using Vimeo with BigMind Catalyst

1. Create your video

1.1. Camera

1.1.1. Webcam

1.1.2. Flip Video camera --

1.1.3. Digital still camera in video mode

1.2. On a Mac

1.2.1. Many Macs have built in webcams. You can also use a separate digital video camera.

1.2.2. Edit your video using iMovie (free) or the software that came with your camera.

1.3. On Windows

1.3.1. Use a webcam or a separate digital video camera

1.3.2. Edit your video using Windows MovieMaker (free) or the software that came with your camera.

1.4. Formats

1.4.1. Save your video in one of these formats: asf, asx, avi, divx, dv, dvx, m4v, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpg, qt, wmv, 3g2, 3gp, 3ivx and 3vx.

2. Create a Vimeo account

2.1. Go to

2.2. Click Join Vimeo

2.3. Fill in the fields and create your account

3. Upload your video

3.1. While logged in to Vimeo

3.2. Click Upload to upload your video

3.3. While it's uploading, update the Credits information

3.4. To password protect your video

3.4.1. Click Privacy

3.4.2. Choose "Password Protected"

3.4.3. Set the Password

3.4.4. Click "Save Changes"

4. Embed your video in Catalyst

4.1. Once your video is uploaded to Vimeo, it may take some time before it is ready to play. If it plays in Vimeo, it's ready.

4.2. While viewing your video in Vimeo, click "Embed" and copy the code that is displayed.

4.3. In BigMind Catalyst, go to the place where you want the video to display and paste the code you just copied into the response box.

4.4. Be sure to let people know the password to your video so they can view it. You can type the password just above the code you pasted.

4.5. Change the response type to "HTML coded input"

4.6. Click "Post and View"