Summer Projects- Staff & Academic Development

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Summer Projects- Staff & Academic Development by Mind Map: Summer Projects- Staff & Academic Development

1. Academic Coach development (Emily, Alyssa/ Tim)

1.1. Include MAPworks data

1.2. Pilot program in 4 first year halls

1.3. Associated cost of program

1.4. Create Training

1.4.1. 10 hours of training Shane training Time management Taking Notes Beating Test Anxiety Tre Training LASSI Academic Success Monthly check ins

1.4.2. RA Collateral- instead of programming- option to be a guide for better study habits- LASSI

1.5. Create Pay Structure

1.6. Create Contract

1.7. Create Accountability

1.7.1. 10 hours a week in cooperation with RA position/ draft job description 1:1 coaching/ log student contacts Write blog/ share information with Interns- study tips Use MAPWorks to set up/log interventions Set up and Monitor study areas/ times in building Walk floors to hand out incentives

1.8. How can we incorporate online learning? D2L course to assist with time-management/

2. Staff Selection (with Rajen)

2.1. Work with Rajen to create better Staff Selection Module

2.2. Work on process documentation

3. RA Manual (Sh'Nita/ Tim)

3.1. Update material

3.2. Add information needed

3.3. Add information related to expectations for On-Going Training

4. Academic Coaching Initiative

4.1. research other institutions

4.2. Revisit Hall Stars

4.2.1. Keep or Not

4.2.2. If not keeping hall stars- whats something else we can do?

4.3. Is this part of our blog?

4.4. Create booklet/website of best Academic Programs/ B-Boards/ Door Decs.....

5. MAPworks (Tim)

5.1. Review information

5.2. Share with the group

5.3. put together powerpoint for training

6. On Going RA Training (Tim)

6.1. Expectations outlined

6.2. Draft Best Practices for Presenters

6.3. Quality Control Measures established for Presenters

6.4. Topics in focus

6.5. Set time by presenters- topic to survey later

6.6. Make up session(s)

7. In Service Training (Fall)

7.1. Safe Zone (Optional- Manda)

7.2. Alcohol for New Staff (Terry)

7.3. MAPWorks - All RAs (Tre)

7.4. RA Selection (Tre)

7.5. Listening Sessions

7.6. Room Reservations for sessions

7.7. Pamphlet to advertise dates

8. RA Blog (Tim)

8.1. Development of material

8.2. Transfer of important information

8.3. Development of On-Going post of material

9. Fall RA Training (all)

9.1. Resource Fair- (Emily)

9.2. Summer Pod Cast Series- (Quality - Tim)

9.3. In Hall

9.4. Room Reservations- (Sh'Nita)

9.5. Food Arrangements-

9.6. Social Activities-(Alyssa)

9.7. Spirit Prizes/ Activities/ Ideas- (Alyssa)

9.8. Program organization & outreach+ quality control (Tim)

9.9. Community Service (Emily)

10. D2L course (all)

10.1. RA Training

10.1.1. Training Module for each area of work/ learning outcome/ plus others Academic Development Administration Communication Community Development Sustainability initiatives first floor meeting roommmate agreement Floor preperation programming model DA Program AODA program Crisis Management sexual assault survivors shots fired over Diversity Leadership Personal Development Position Basics RA Contract Manual Pro Staff Introduction Discussion- introduce self- provide summary of 3 important parts of their job Complete Quiz Resources RA Blog portal offices on campus Student Conduct/ Confrontation Maxient overview Confrontation techniques Team Member

10.1.2. used for staff members starting mid-year

10.1.3. supplement training to those on staff needing extra assistance

10.2. Academic Coaches

11. Programming Database Overhaul

11.1. Work has been submitted to Rajen

12. File updates (Sh'Nita)

12.1. New Files have contracts

12.2. Database upload

12.3. Old files archived

12.4. Communication with Mary June to indicate those hired/ i-9 paperwork