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2. The history of technology in education

2.1. This video shows a timeline of technology throughout history. It first starts off with cave drawings in 30,000 B.C.E., to paper being made in china in 105, to public education in 1600, and so on. Eventually, the timeline stopped at the interactive age in 2000 where it shows the technology in that era. These include a smart response XE, a document camera, and eventually the person moving on to graduation and starting his career teaching with even newer technology.

3. What I think technology is now

3.1. Technology was certainly not what I thought it was! technology actually comes from two greek words, techne and logos. Techne means art, skill or craft meanwhile logos means word, by which thoughts are expressed. So by this greek definition, technology means words or discourse about the way things are gained. This is a complete shock to me as my whole idea of technology beforehand was all about computers, when in fact the definition lists nothing about them! However examples of technology do include computer and medical technology.

4. What I thought technology was

4.1. Before the module, I thought technology was computers, iPhones, television, robots, and anything that was computerized, or anything that was smarter than us human beings. However, I have learned that is not exactly what technology is.

5. Andy Singer's No Exit: History of Technology

5.1. This comic shows the history of technology. It shows one person a long time ago as a cave man, where he is surrounded by beautiful scenery, and then as a business man where he is surrounded by a landfill of broken computers or newer technologies. He states that he is not happy in either situation, which comes to show that all these newer innovations do not make anyone happier, it is only a change in the world. Something interesting about this comic, is that in the first picture there are two birds, however they are replaced with an airplane in the second picture. This comic really shows the change over the decades within technology.

6. Holiday — The Surprise

6.1. This video shows a lot that today's technology can be used for. In this Apple commercial, the Ipad is used a lot by the children to occupy them. They watch movies on it, take photos, and much more. At the end of the video it also shows a slideshow that the two girls made which technology helped them out with. Overall this shows a lot of things you can do with an Ipad which has grown into the world as an everyday item for some.

7. What is Technology

7.1. This video is a great example of what technology actually is, and that it is not all about computers, but a simple chair, fork, knife, table or umbrella is technology too!

8. How things have changed

8.1. Technology started off being skill and craft., but it has now evolved into computers and softwares. For example, mobile phones 20 years ago are nothing to compare to today's cellar devices. 20 years ago the only option was to text or call off of your device, but today they offer much more. Now, you can do both those things but along with having HD cameras, internet access, gaming capabilities, music storage, or simply finding an UBER to give you a ride within minutes. Another example would be gaming, where we are typically used to consoles and moving your fingers around all these buttons, however the world has introduced virtual reality! These make you feel like you are actually inside the game rather than playing it. Two other huge factors of new technology is internet speed and storage space. Internet speed is much faster now than before, and the storage capacity on electronics is huge!