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1. Reading

1.1. photocopy

1.1.1. where we had the list of words We used the photocopies to acquire the information about how to do that

1.2. In class

1.2.1. the place where we done the activity This was the fist task, and we had to o it in the classroom with our classmates and Linda.

1.3. Text

1.3.1. where the whole activity was explained

2. Doing

2.1. the whole group did it working together

2.1.1. it was a collective activity Linda gave us the words and we had to draw them in a paper, we had to do it whole the group.

2.2. In our class, at the university

2.2.1. It was the place where we did the class and the activity

3. Sharing

3.1. Using drawings

3.1.1. we had to illustrate words We used the drawings for sharing with our classmates the work that we had done before.

3.2. Inside the class

3.2.1. the place where we did and thought about the illustrations

3.3. With my partners and my teacher

3.3.1. There were the people that were inside the class We shared all our work with the people of the class, specially with our classmates.