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1. Regions & Cities

1.1. Auckland

1.2. Wellington

1.3. Christchurch

1.4. Palmerston North

1.5. Hamilton

2. Living in NZ

2.1. Housing/Accomodations

2.2. Shopping

2.3. Health

2.4. Transport

2.5. Banking

2.6. Education

2.7. Jobs

3. Moving to New Zealand to:

3.1. Study

3.1.1. Explore Visa options to study in NZ

3.1.2. Working on a Student Visa

3.1.3. Staying to work after study

3.1.4. Already studying, my situation has changed

3.2. Work

3.2.1. Temporary Visas Essential Skills work visas Working Holiday Visas

3.2.2. Resident Visas Skilled Migrant visa Residence from work visa

3.3. Visit

3.3.1. Visitor Visa

3.3.2. COVID-19 Short-term Visitor Visa

3.4. Join Family

3.4.1. Partner of a New Zealander Resident Visa

3.4.2. Child of a Worker Visitor Visa

3.4.3. Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa

3.4.4. Partner of a Student Work Visa

3.4.5. Parent Retirement Resident Visa

3.4.6. Child of a Student Visitor Visa

3.4.7. Guardian of a Student Visitor Visa

3.4.8. Partner of a New Zealander Visitor Visa

3.4.9. Dependent Child Resident Visa

3.4.10. Partner of a New Zealander Work Visa

3.4.11. Partner of a Worker Work Visa

3.4.12. Partner of a Worker Visitor Visa

3.4.13. Parent Resident Visa

3.4.14. Partner of a Student Visitor Visa

3.4.15. Dependent Child Student Visa

3.4.16. Partner of Military Visitor Visa

3.4.17. Child of Military Visitor Visa

3.4.18. Child of a New Zealander Visitor Visa

3.4.19. Partner of Military Work Visa

3.4.20. Partner of an NZ Scholarship Student Work Visa

3.5. Start a business or Invest

3.5.1. Investing in NZ NZ Trade & Enterprise NZ Innovation Agency Regional opportunities

3.5.2. Starting a bussiness Who can be a director Tax Registration How overseas companies set up as an NZ business Hiring in NZ Start and grow your social enterprise

3.6. Live Permenantly

4. What you can bring in NZ?

5. Book your flights