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Chemistry Gateway 2011 by Mind Map: Chemistry Gateway 2011
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Chemistry Gateway 2011


Pre-Course Topics

Atomic Structure

Bonding for Thinking

C1 Part 1

C1a Making crude oil useful

C1b Using carbon fuels

C1c Clean air

C1d Making polymers

C1 Part 2

C1e Designer polymers

C1f Cooking and food additives

C1g Smells

C1h Paints and pigments


C2 Part 1

C2b Construction materials 

C2f Acids and bases 

C2g Fertilisers and crop yields 

C2e Manufacturing chemicals: making ammonia 

C2 Part 2

C2a The structure of the Earth 

C2c Metals and alloys 

C2d Making cars 

C2h Chemicals from the sea: the chemistry of sodium chloride

Fundamental Scientific Processes

To be Taught throughout C1 and C2

Fundamental Chemical Concepts

To Be taught throughout


C3 Part 1

C3a Rate of Reaction (1)

C3b Rate of Reaction (2)

C3c Rate of Reaction (3)

C3g Batch or Continuous

C3 Part 2

C3d Reacting Masses

C3e Percentage Yield and Atom Economy

C3f Energy

C3h Allotropes of Carbon


C4 Part 1

C4a Atomic Structure

C4b Ionic Bonding

C4c The Periodic Table and Covalent Bonding

C4d The Group 1 Elements

C4 Part 2

C4e The Group 7 Elements

C4f Transition Elements

C4g Metal Structure and Properties

C4h Purifying and Testing Water


C5 Part 1

C5a Mole and Molar Mass

C5b Percentage Composition and Emirical Formulae

C5c Qunatitative Analysis

C5d Titrations

C5 Part 2

C5e Gas Volumes

C5f Equilibria

C5g Strong and Weak Acids

C5h Ionic Equations and Precipitation


C6 Part 1

C6a Electrolysis

C6b Energy Transfers - fuel Cells

C6c Redox Reactions

C6d Alcohols

C6 Part 2

C6e Depletion of the Ozone Layer

C6f Hardness of Water

C6g Natural Fats and Oils

C6h Detergents