Characters Relationship

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Characters Relationship by Mind Map: Characters Relationship

1. Charlie & Mary Elizabeth

1.1. During their chat, Elizabeth only talks 3 things: herself, Charlie, and the great things; ”only the first onematters to Mary Elizabeth.“

1.1.1. "I just wish Mary Elizabeth would ask me questions other than “What’s up?”"(page 105)

1.2. Charlie himself, however, was not entirely free of responsibility in the relationship. He was too used to being a wallflower and not standing up for himself. But when he plays truth or dare with his friends, Charlie's inability to tell a white lie causes him to self-sabotage the relationship.

1.3. Charlie thinks he was “lying by not telling Mary Elizabeth that it was hard to listen to her all the time without getting to say anythingback.“

2. Sam & Patrick

2.1. When Charlie facing problem, he can always ask Sam and Patrick. They help Charlie to deal with relationship and give him advise.

2.1.1. Evidence: ”Patrick told me the best thing to do was keep away for a while. ” (page 109)

2.1.2. Tell the problem to Patrick, and Patrick always can make Charlie laugh. Evidence: "That made me stop crying a little bit" "That made me laugh a lot more." (page 109)

2.2. Inviting them to have dinner on Sunday which make Charlie excited about.

2.2.1. ”I was so excited! Itold Patrick and Sam, and we made plans for a Sunday night。”(page 104)

2.3. The suit from his friends.

2.3.1. "I think it was the first time in my life I ever felt that I looked good."

2.3.2. more confidence, encourage by his friends.

3. Charlie's growth

3.1. Participate in life

3.1.1. The relationship between the brother and sister improved. He sent his sister to an abortion clinic, and her sister trusted him.

3.1.2. As a symbolic wallflower, one of Charlie's greatest strengths is his ability to forgive and lend a helping hand to others in times of crisis.