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1. abode, building, dwelling, edifice, home, residence; family, household, ménage; ancestry, clan, dynasty, kindred, line, lineage, race, tribe; business, company, concern, establishment, firm, organization; hotel, inn, public house, tavern; accommodate, billet, board, domicile, harbour, lodge, put up, quarter, take in

1.1. harbour

1.2. dwelling, company

1.3. dwelling, company, edifice, take in

2. Any group of people closely related by blood or marriage.

3. brood

3.1. incubate, sit. issue, offspring, progeny; breed, kind, line, lineage, sort, strain

3.1.1. line

3.1.2. line, sort

3.1.3. line, sort

4. household

4.1. family, home, house, ménage

4.1.1. home

5. people

5.1. humanity, mankind, mortals, persons; citizens, clan, community, family, folk, nation, population, public, race, tribe; crowd, masses, mob, multitude, populace, rabble, the herd; colonize, inhabit, occupy, populate, settle

5.1.1. public, crowd

5.1.2. humanity, mortals, public, occupy, mob

5.1.3. humanity, mortals, public, occupy, crowd

6. ancestors

6.1. fathers, forebears, forefathers, progenitors

7. blood

7.1. children, descendants, offspring, posterity, progeny; family, house, kin, kindred, line, relations; consanguinity, descent, kinship, lineage, relationship; courage, disposition, feelings, mettle, passion, spirit, temper

7.1.1. relationship, courage

7.1.2. relationship, passion

7.1.3. relationship, passion

8. breed

8.1. bear, beget, engender, hatch, produce; bring up, foster, nourish, nurture, raise, rear; discipline, educate, instruct, nurture, rear, school, teach, train; generate, originate; extraction, family, lineage, pedigree, progeny, race, strain

8.1.1. extraction

8.1.2. instruct

8.1.3. extraction

9. clan

9.1. family, phratry, race, sect, tribe; band, brotherhood, clique, coterie, fraternity, gang, set, society, sodality

9.1.1. set

9.1.2. set

10. dynasty

10.1. dominion, empire, government, rule, sovereignty

10.1.1. rule

10.1.2. rule

11. kindred

11.1. akin, allied, congenial, connected, related, sympathetic; affinity, consanguinity, flesh, relationship; folks, kin, kinsfolk, kinsmen, relations, relatives

11.1.1. allied, connected

11.1.2. allied, connected, sympathetic

11.1.3. allied, connected

12. house

13. lineage

13.1. ancestry, birth, breed, descendants, descent, extraction, family, forebears, forefathers, genealogy, house, line, offspring, progeny, race

13.1.1. descent

14. race

14.1. ancestry, breed, family, generation, house, kindred, line, lineage, pedigree, stock, strain; clan, folk, nation, people, tribe; breed, children, descendants, issue, offspring, progeny, stock

14.1.1. people, tribe

15. stock

15.1. fill, furnish, store, supply; accumulate, garner, hoard, lay in, reposit, reserve, save, treasure up; permanent, standard, standing; ancestry, breed, descent, family, house, line, lineage, parentage, pedigree, race

15.1.1. fill, permanent, save

15.1.2. fill, permanent

15.1.3. fill, permanent

16. strain

16.1. manner, style, tone, vein; disposition, tendency, trait, turn; descent, extraction, family, lineage, pedigree, race, stock

16.1.1. tone, tendency, style

16.1.2. tone, tendency, style

16.1.3. tone, tendency

17. tribe

17.1. clan, family, lineage, race, sept, stock; class, distinction, division, order

17.1.1. order, division

17.1.2. order, division, distinction

17.1.3. order, distinction

18. class

18.1. arrange, classify, dispose, distribute, range, rank; form, grade, order, tank, status; group, seminar; breed, kind, sort; category, collection, denomination, division, group, head

18.1.1. arrange, dispose, status

18.1.2. arrange, status, collection

18.1.3. arrange, dispose

19. genus

19.1. brand, breed, category, class, compartment, department, division, genre, group, kind, make, model, section, sort, style, subdivision, subfamily, variety

19.1.1. variety, section, category

19.1.2. variety

19.1.3. variety, model

20. group

20.1. arrange, assemble, dispose, order; aggregation, assemblage, assembly, body, combination, class, clump, collection, order

20.1.1. combination, clump, assembly

20.1.2. combination, clump, assemblage

20.1.3. combination, clump, assemblage, body

21. kind

21.1. breed, class, family, genus, race, set, species, type; brand, character, colour, denomination, description, form, make, manner, nature, persuasion, sort, stamp, strain, style

21.1.1. colour, form, nature

21.1.2. form

21.1.3. form, nature

22. subdivison

22.1. tract, class, community, development, group, subclass, subsidiary, lower group, minor group

22.1.1. development

22.1.2. community

23. 1ST READ

23.1. line, public, crowd, relationship, courage, extraction, set, rule, allied, connected, harbour, descent, people, tribe, fill, permanent, save, tone, tendency, style, order, division, arrange, dispose, status, variety, section, category, combination, clump, assembly, colour, form, nature, development

24. 2ND READ

24.1. line, sort, home, humanity, mortals, public, occupy, mob, relationship, passion, instruct, rule, allied, connected, sympathetic, dwelling, company, fill, permanent, tone, tendency, style, order, division, distinction, arrange, status, collection, variety, combination, clump, assemblage, form

25. 3RD READ

25.1. line, sort, humanity, mortals, public, occupy, crowd, relationship, passion, extraction, set, allied, connected, dwelling, company, edifice, take in, fill, permanent, tone, tendency, order, distinction, arrange, dispose, variety, model, combination, clump, assemblage, body, form, nature, community


26.1. relationship, order, form, crowd, sort, body


27.1. POSSIBLE WORDS: development, ancestors, lineage, household, mankind, raise

27.1.1. I’m thinking of a sort of narrative...while my last project was more focused on individuals in a whole, I’m interested in looking at the transformation of fewer pieces (maybe only 1 “character”). I most likely will add more words/concepts to the objects, but I’m no sure if they will be from my list or not

27.2. FINAL WORDS: development, mankind, tendency, persuasion

27.2.1. I'm thinking about utilizing space in unique ways, convincing a viewer to do something they might not originally think to do. Walk OVER the pool. That was my first idea. That was my first idea. HOW they would do it, WHY, and how the space would be an essential piece of the installation came afterwards.