Finding the right career

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Finding the right career by Mind Map: Finding the right career

1. Focus on the things you love to do

1.1. What do you naturally enjoy doing?

2. Identify occupations that match your interest

2.1. Carrer test

2.1.1. Questions

2.1.2. Quizzes

2.1.3. Personality assessments

2.2. Researching specific carrers

2.2.1. Information online

2.2.2. Average salaries

2.2.3. Estimate future growth

2.3. Get support and information from others

2.3.1. Talk to someone in the field

3. Evaluate your strengths an skills

3.1. What skills you have?

3.2. What skills you need?

4. Develop your skills and experience

4.1. Use your current position

4.2. Identify resources in the community

4.3. volunteer as work as an intern

4.4. Take classes

5. Look for clues everywhere

5.1. Take note of projects

5.2. Reflect on stories of people you admire

5.3. Ask yourself

6. Be patient

6.1. May take some time your search

7. Consider starting your own bussiness

7.1. Make sure that you are passionate with

7.2. Research is critical

7.3. Expect limited no earnings to start