What´s Peer Observation?

whats peer observation

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What´s Peer Observation? by Mind Map: What´s Peer Observation?

1. Peer observation refers to when another teacher evaluates the way in wich you teach or give a class in order to improve it or develop the teaching practice .

2. How should peer observation be organized?

2.1. 1- Choosing your partner

2.1.1. 2- Agreeing the format of the observations 3- Background 4- The observation

3. Quality control or professional development?

3.1. Quality control refers to the formally grade and criteria that any institution give before the observing event and you have to put in practice

3.1.1. The professional develptment refers to the leverl of preparation that every teacher have, in order to make a better evaluation. it means that used to be paired, in simple words, if a teacher teaches english, another english teacher must evaluate it.

4. what are the benefits of a Peer Observation?

4.1. 1- Peer Observation also work united to another resources and which the main purpoose in to enhance the teaching practice

4.1.1. 2- Allows to improve the commucative proccess by explaining what is going good addnd whatr is not to the observed person 3- Peer observation encourages an open and sharing school culture. in which everybody can help improve.

5. Advantages and Disadvantages of the Peer Observation

5.1. Helps improve performance

5.1.1. Peers have opportunity to evaluatyes to another collegues Can negatively affectworking relationship Creates difficulties for managers