PLE in Creativity Workshop

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PLE in Creativity Workshop by Mind Map: PLE in Creativity Workshop

1. Reading

1.1. In class

1.1.1. Slides show of Manel Rives Creativity iPad applications

1.2. In the faculty

1.2.1. Seeing tutorials on YouTube about stop motion

2. Reflecting & Doing

2.1. In class

2.1.1. Thinking about a story Toontastic Comic

2.1.2. Thinking about new ways of teaching

2.2. At home

2.2.1. Thinking about a story Stop motion

2.2.2. Editing the photos for doing the video

2.3. In the faculty

2.3.1. Taking the pictures for the stop motion

3. Sharing

3.1. At home

3.1.1. Putting the activities in the blog

3.1.2. Posts in the blog Journalist (Berta) Analyst (Beckie)

3.1.3. Uploading the toontastic in Launchpad