Information technology

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Information technology by Mind Map: Information technology

1. whiteboard

1.1. teachers can show websites on the board in front of the class

1.2. teachers can use the internet to show educational programmes.

1.2.1. play educational games play music recordings of languages

2. camera

2.1. students who are studying English in Jordan can see what students in England are doing in the classroom while they are speaking to them

2.2. invite guest speaker to give talks over a computer

3. email exchanges

3.1. teachers can ask students to email what they have learnt to students of a similar age at another school

3.2. they could email students in another country

3.3. students share information and help each other

4. social media

4.1. young people send each other photos and messages for each other via the internet

4.2. some students like to send messages that are under 140 letters

4.3. Teachers can ask students to summarize quickly

5. website

5.1. students can post work

5.2. students can post photos

5.3. students can post messages

6. blog

6.1. students write about their own lives

6.2. students write about someone famous

7. tablet computers

7.1. showing photographs

7.2. researching information

7.3. recording interviews

7.4. creating diagrams

7.5. ideal for pair and group work