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Web of Links by Mind Map: Web of Links

1. Links are fundamental to the web

1.1. The web's link model is actually pretty minimal

1.2. Without links, it's very challenging to find anything

1.3. It was links that made the web attractive to Sir Tim at first

1.4. Yes, we do search, but plenty of users also do follow links

1.5. The link is the original conversation on the web

1.5.1. The link is a small act of charity

1.5.2. The conversation is still carried on with links

1.5.3. Linking well means giving up control

2. Web sites are not books or magazines

2.1. All of your content doesn't even have to be on one site, care of the link

2.2. The web is a conversation that supports many speakers and listeners

2.3. Think of the mixed diet

2.4. You have little control over the entry point

3. The link can't do it alone

3.1. Think out relationships between documents

3.2. Branding is important

4. You can have lots of meaty content

4.1. Don't try to fit it all on one page

4.1.1. You don't have to

4.2. Handle your context and overview as navigation pages

4.3. Keep your content focused

4.3.1. Better searchability

4.3.2. Better skimmability

5. Navigation pages help give your content context

5.1. Supports browsing/foraging

5.2. Supports people with only superficial needs

5.3. Helps you associate important keywords with your content