Eddie (The Five People you Meet in Heaven)

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Eddie (The Five People you Meet in Heaven) by Mind Map: Eddie (The Five People you Meet in Heaven)

1. After Eddie fought in the war he went to work at Ruby Pier

2. Juana enjoyed the simple lifestyle she was living before the pearl was found

3. Likes Living Simple Lifestyle

4. tried saving Tala from the burning building

5. Bruno played with Schmuel even if his father told him not to

6. Daring/Brave

7. Cares about Coyotito

8. Eddie cares about children which is why he started working at Ruby Pier and tried saving Tala

9. Todd cares about his son Colton

10. Eddie loves his wife Marguerite

11. Lysander is in love with Hermia

12. Are in Love

13. Eddie's father never supported him and stopped talking to him over the years

14. David is abused by his mother

15. Bruno didn't want people to discriminate the Jews

16. Juana wanted to maintain a peaceful lifestyle and because she didn't like all the drama the pearl brought

17. Eddie disapproved of war

18. Eddie fought in a war

19. Bruno doesn't like World War II because he is friends with a Jew and he thinks his father is too busy for him.

20. Todd Burpo "Heaven is for Real"

21. Lysander "Midsummer Nights Dream"

22. Juana "The Pearl"

23. David Pelzer "A Child Called It"

24. Bruno "The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas"

25. Doesn't like War

26. Likes Peace

27. Have gone to Heaven

28. Have Problems with Parents

29. Care about Children