PLE Thinking Process

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PLE Thinking Process by Mind Map: PLE Thinking Process

1. Reading

1.1. At home

1.1.1. Photocopies, documents...given by Linda Underlining Extracting main ideas

1.1.2. Looking for information on the Internet

1.1.3. Watching video/tutorials for using unknown tools

1.1.4. Exploring blogs

1.1.5. Reading about innovative projects

1.1.6. Reading the LOE

1.1.7. Reading the blogs of our classmates

1.1.8. Reading interesting things about people we follow

1.2. In class

1.2.1. Listening to Linda's explanation Slides presentations

1.2.2. Taking notes

1.2.3. Watching videos

1.2.4. Slides show of Manel Rives talking about iPads applications Creativity

1.2.5. Reading the questions of other groups

2. Reflecting & Doing

2.1. At home

2.1.1. Summarizing

2.1.2. Thinking about a story

2.1.3. Editing the photos for doing the stop motion

2.1.4. Thinking about possible questions

2.1.5. Thinking about ideas for the advertissements

2.1.6. Thinking about the format of the questions

2.2. In class

2.2.1. Discussing the kind of mind map to do

2.2.2. Choosing relevant ideas for putting them in the poster

2.2.3. Putting the ideas in the poster

2.2.4. Digitalizing our poster in Word

2.2.5. Thinking about the meanings of the words

2.2.6. Thinking about how to do the pictures

2.2.7. Drawing the words

2.2.8. Guessing the words of the other groups

2.2.9. Thinking about new ways of teaching

2.2.10. Thinking about a story Toontastic Comic

2.2.11. Thinking about the answer of the questions

2.2.12. Marking the other groups' questions

2.3. In the faculty

2.3.1. Taking pictures for the stop motion

2.3.2. Thinking about how to do the slides

2.3.3. Organizing the relevant information

2.3.4. Choosing 20 sentences 20 images

2.3.5. Contacting the teacher (Julita Fdez)

2.3.6. Formulating questions

2.3.7. Making trivial cards

2.3.8. Thinking about the format of the questions

2.3.9. Thinking about the slogans

2.3.10. Thinking about the dialogues in the advertisements

2.3.11. Recording the videos

2.3.12. Thinking about the music for putting it in the videos

2.3.13. Editing the videos

2.3.14. Writing the main ideas of each campaign

3. Sharing

3.1. At home

3.1.1. Posting in the blog (Blogger) Star of the week Analyst of the week Journalist of the week

3.1.2. Nuevo nodo

3.1.3. Nuevo nodo

3.2. In class

3.2.1. Speed dating format (5')

3.2.2. YouTube

3.2.3. Nuevo nodo

3.2.4. Interchanging the pictures with other group

3.2.5. Uploading the Toontastic in Launchpad

3.2.6. Oral exposition (Pechakucha)

3.2.7. Live Streaming

3.2.8. Playing the game

3.2.9. Seeing all the campaigns about dark side of textbooks