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nursing diagnosis by Mind Map: nursing diagnosis

1. • iow situational self • difficut self-care • risk of infection • falling risk

2. • Painful side efects • Headache • Mialgia • Gastralgia • Buring • Tingle

3. • Nauseas and diarrhea are comman toxic effects caused by chemrapy

4. • Prayer is an efecctive strategy to reduce this feeling ,as the read Ness for enhanced religiosity defined as a patther of trust

5. beliefs

6. the nusing process must be corried out deriberately and sistematically

7. In oncology services the nursing process id imperative due to the high frecurency of pscholocal damagene that compromises

8. • Prostate cáncer • Breast cáncer • Lung cáncer • Bowel cáncer • Stomach cáncer

9. • Outpantient cáncer chemother rapy •Colorectal cáncer pantints cáncer who are undergo outpatient chemotherapy

10. most common types of cancer in the elderly

11. adminitrac¿tion of analgesics