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1. Finding the right career tip 1: Identify occupations that match your interests

1.1. Investigate the types of interests that we like is to find the right career.

1.1.1. Career test Tools online can help us find the perfect career.

1.1.2. Researching specific careers The field of elctronica is my chosen career can be a bit unstable but with the new age of technology helps discover a good stability in a job.

1.1.3. Get support and information from others Have partners who have any knowledge of our type of work is very good as we can advise you to be better and to meet all our expectations.,

2. Exploring Your Career Opportunities

2.1. I like the whole subject of electrical engineering is a bit difficult, but with effort are achieved every dream, is able to apply our race in a good job where we feel right and proud of it.

2.2. When looking for clues everywhere we find everything we like and that is what stimulates our imagination and makes us reflect on the histories of all the people we admire to be better than them and becoming more and more happy.

2.3. We must be patient because not all things in life are always easy, those stumble are what strengthens us even more.

3. Discovering new possibilities

3.1. The first step is to discover our interests and passions, this opens the door to the best races in order to satisfy our passions and surprising in our new career.

4. Finding the right career tip 2:

4.1. Evaluate your strengths and skills

4.1.1. All the skills we have are very valuable as for example. • Management and leadership experience • Communication (both written and oral) • Research and program planning • Public speaking • Conflict resolution and mediation • Managing your time effectively • Computer literacy • Foreign language fluency

5. Finding the right career tip 3: Develop your skills and experience

5.1. Analyze community resources.

5.2. Volunteer or intern has the advantage of getting contacts related to our chosen field.

5.3. Continue studying does not matter if more efforts should be made that all this effort is in the future, either with a better job or a better condition of life.

5.4. Implement projects that will make us develop new skills.

6. Finding right career tip 4: Consider starting your own business

6.1. Start your own business

6.1.1. Being passionate about our business so that every time he grows more.

6.1.2. Analyze our area of ​​interest.

6.1.3. Having a good business plan