My First Mind Map

Just an initial demo map, so that you don't start with an empty map list ...

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My First Mind Map by Mind Map: My First Mind Map

1. Past simple

1.1. she went to cinema last week

1.2. She didn't get up

1.3. Did she went to match yesterday?

2. Past Continuous

2.1. She was watching TV when David's arrived.

2.2. He wasn't styudiyng when she arrived

2.3. What were you doing when de phone rang?

3. Present simple

3.1. I talk

3.2. He doesn't talk

3.3. Does she talk?

4. Present continuous

4.1. He is sleeping

4.2. He isn't wathing TV

4.3. Are you listening?

5. Future

5.1. He will study later

5.2. she will not study later

5.3. Will you eat later?

6. Present perfect

6.1. Have you the movie yet?

6.2. Alba haven't traveled to New york

6.3. I have finished the book.