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VERBS by Mind Map: VERBS
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Present Simple

You speak English. Do you speak English? You do not speak English.

[VERB] + s/es in third person


You will help him later. Will you help him later? You will not help him later.



[will + verb]

Past Simple

You called Debbie. Did you call Debbie? You did not call Debbie.

[VERB+ed] or irregular verbs

Past continous

You were studying when she called. Were you studying when she called? You were not studying when she called.

[was/were + present participle]

Present continous

You are watching TV. Are you watching TV? You are not watching TV.

[am/is/are + present participle]

Present Perfect

You have seen that movie many times. Have you seen that movie many times? You have not seen that movie many times.

[has/have + past participle]